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By Melissa Groth

Weekly rundown of D.C. fashion events+links to love on style blogs+other inspirational stuff we think you may enjoy. Cool? Cool. And as always, let us know if we missed something in the comments.


May 15th: Second Story Boutique’s Thirsty Thursday offers buy 1 get 1 half off all accessories.

May 16th & 17th: RSVP to the Simply Cecily trunk show and receive a free gift at the event.  $10 gets you entry into the raffle for a Gold Flowy dress, plus proceeds provide tuition for one child for the summer camp at Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio.

May 17th: The Fashionista Flea Market kicks off on Saturday at the Bowie Performing Arts Center and will feature Bargain Shopping with over 35 boutiques, the area’s most glam Fashion Trucks, Skincare and Beauty Brands, and food vendors.



It’s sock-free season. Wear some sandals.  Don’t know which sandals you should wear? Well, lucky for you we’ve got some suggestions.

Also, we suggest you check out new boutique Anthom in Merrifield, Virginia.

WhoWhatWear: It’s hot outside.  Reduce the length of your pants.

Oh god, the exposed pocket.  Why??





Refinery29: Work-appropriate bags (for carrying your files and stuff) by indie labels.



Harper’s Bazaar: These are the things you need to have by the time you’re thirty.  I’d settle for a nice apartment, a satisfying job, and a boyfriend who loves me back, but I’ll get to work on that signature flower ASAP.

If I’m making enough money by the time I’m thirty to be able to afford a pair of Manolo Blahniks (that I will without a doubt scuff up and destroy), I’m sure I won’t give a shit about what else I’m supposed to own, because I’ll have it all, baby!!  I will also be running the new, re-imagined GOOP.




Vogue: Street style snaps from Dubai




Buzzfeed: ICYMI there’s a kid on Instagram who is so unoriginal he has to hack famous peoples’ fashion. What a jerk.



A totally adorable jerk.  Follow @ministylehacker on Instagram.


And Macaulay Culkin wore this shirt:


Which reminds me, pizza.