Style Licks: Nicolas Cage Edition
BYT at large | Jan 7, 2014 | 12:30PM |

By Melissa Groth

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This week in fashion: we celebrate Nicolas Cage’s 50th birthday (I only hope that I will age as gracefully) by remembering the most fashionably bad-ass movie roles of his illustrious career, and when he dominated the whole getting-dressed thing in general.



How to dress like Nick Cage

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(images via IMDB)

Don’t be afraid of leather or tiny sunglasses.


Or large, oddly-shaped sunglasses.


Or orange-tinted sunglass with a purple tie.


Wallet chain? You’re Nic Cage. Go for it.


And never button the top button.

Or the second button.

Exposed chest hair is key.


The lapels/collars on all of your jackets and shirts should be at least five inches wide.

Have a few eccentric items on hand, like a rose-pattern button down or a shirt made of yellow ruffles.


Embrace the cardigan…


…and your inner 80s valley girl.

And if you ever have to wear a suit, accessorize it with suspicious bandages and indoor-sunglasses.


Now that you’ve got the clothing down pat, you should switch up your hairstyle to complete the Cage look.  Luckily, there are plenty of looks to try out.


Like the pompadour, for example.

Or the salt-and-pepper beard/freshly dyed hair combo.


Or go blonde and slick it back.  All great options.


But the look is not complete without the eyes.  Start practicing in the mirror until you have it just right.


The Nic Cage look can be a tricky one to master, so if you’re having too much difficulty with your wide collar, ditch it and just wear his face like John Travolta.





If you want to get creative with your Nic Cage outfits, you can use this dress-up website to see how different items would look on Nic before trying them out yourself!

For extra inspiration, buy one (read: all) of these pillowcases and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to blow some shit up.

Happy birthday, Nic! Party until you PISS BLOOD!!!