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Washingtonians get ready to connect with your inner dandy this Sunday the 13th, when the third annual Tweed Ride will take place all over the streets of DC. This is your chance to pull out your vintage outfits, (and if you don’t have any just borrow something from your grandparents’ closet) and ride around the city looking like one of the Broadwalk Empire cast.

The itinerary for this year’s ride hasn’t been announced yet. The main Tweed Ride route will be about 10 miles and is mostly flat and downhill with a few short inclines. The shorter route will be about 5 miles. We think that most everyone should be able to cover the 10 mile ride if they’ve dressed keeping both fashion and function in mind. The starting point will be announced to registrants on Friday.

We’ve obviously EXTENSIVELY covered the TWEED RIDES before (see our photo sets here and here) but the following are the stories of three people intimately involved with the Tweed Ride and the photo shoot it inspired this past weekend in order to inspire YOU sartorially (clothes by Pretty People Vintage and It’s Vintage Darling). Katie Warren of GOKateSHOOT produced and photographed the shoot, and Elise Peterson of It’s Vintage Darling styled it. Eric Channing Brewer is the founder of Dandies & Quaintrelles and the organizer of the TWEED RIDE itself.

Tweed Ride is an opportunity for Washingtonians to inspire one another through arresting visual sentiments that vary and touch thousands every year. Just as the ladies of our shoot came together to make something beautiful, so too can the people of our city. Come out to the Tweed Ride and join the dialogue; show us your unique, stylish voice!

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Katie Warren, Creative Director and Photographer: “This is not my photo shoot. It’s ours,” was the first notion I shared with our make up artist and models as they arrived to the third floor of Smith Commons.  “Approach this like a child about to play dress-up,” I announced.  Warm introductions were made before I directed each of them to immerse themselves in the beautiful, glittering vintage set about. I encouraged them to find pieces they connected with emotionally and said that Elise would style a look around their choices. This is not the practice for your average photo shoot, but this, like many of my shoots, is anything but average. In choosing who to invite, Elise and I decided to unite a group of women who were beautiful, smart, talented and with unique perspectives to contribute. We selected women with distinctive senses of style, who present themselves with flair and a joy for how they live their lives.
On this brisk and pristine November day, we had a vintage dress-up party and created stylish, romantic images that share how Washington women with truly distinctive styles and skills can come together to create a unique scene. Over the next several days, we will release photos and intimate portraits of the women we chose, allowing Washingtonians to become inspired by their poise and style. The images reveal passions and talents of everyone involved. For women who live such stylish lives, what makes them truly admirable is their ability and willingness to inspire and support one another.

Eric Brewer of Dandies & Quaintrelles: “The energy during the photo shoot at Smith Commons was a pleasure to witness. People’s willingness to enjoy themselves and the company of good friends while embracing vintage styles on an easy Sunday is what makes the DC Tweed Ride such a hit. The ladies had a blast during the shoot and it reminded me of past D&Q events.
We were also excited to showcase the feel of Smith Commons as the venue for the 2011 DC Tweed Ride Celebration. For folks who cannot take part in our vintage-themed bike ride but want to help DC celebrate classic styles inspired by D&Q, the after party at Smith Commons is the only place to be on Sunday.
Katie and I met at an event that celebrated mid-century modern design in furniture and architecture, and  instantly connected while discussing our perspectives on personal dress style. The Sunday vintage shoot was a result of a conversation about the possibility of a new a Tweed Ride style guide on the D&Q blog. Katie created an occasion that produced photos meant not only to guide but to inspire. I’m very excited with these images and we both are eager to share them!”

Elise Peterson, Lead Stylist:
“As a vintage enthusiast, I was thrilled to take part in a project that embraces the refined style that is quintessential to Dandies & Quaintrelles. I wanted to stay true to the spirit of the Tweed Ride through iconic fashion, while incorporating modern edgier touches. This “Nuevo-Tweed” was brought to life by switching staple pieces such as tweed skirts with sexier leather silhouettes. There was a strong emphasis on accentuating traditional Quaintrelle ensembles with touches of fur in jackets, stoles, and collars. The addition of bolder hardware such chunky metal rings and fabulously gaudy earrings added finishing touches to perfectly Dandy duds. Nods of metallic and sheer fabrics replaced traditional cotton blouses. Of course, the staple tweed can be found in traditional pieces such as overcoats, hats, and pants. Overall, I hope people continue to embrace the vintage feel that is synonymous with the Tweed Ride while still creating unique fashion forward looks (and having fun!).”



  • Katie Warren : Creative Director, Photographer {Founder, GoKateShoot}
  • Elise Peterson : Lead stylist, model {Buyer, It’s Vintage Darling}
  • Michelle German : Makeup artist, model {Founder, Chic Makeup Geek, The Model is Wearing}
  • Shannon Cusello : Hair stylist, model {Manager, Immortal Beloved}
  • Erin Berteaux : Model {Media consultant and anthropologist}
  • Emma Jade : Model {Writer, musician, student}
  • Indigo Hikim: Model
  • Stephanie Mills : Model {Model and muse, The Model Is Wearing}
  • Kimee Brown : Stylist, model {Stylist, The Model is Wearing}
  • Ariel Mantilla : Model {Physical therapy student}”