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Monday is July 14th and that means Bastille Day. While the French celebrate the birth of their Republic, the rest of us just want to immerse ourselves in the indelible joy that is a good French party.

Zagat’s was kind enough to pull together a listing of some of the events we can find here in D.C. for Bastille Day.

  • On Saturday the French Embassy is offering their annual event featuring food from Belga Cafe, Breadline, Les Halles, Cafe Bonaparte, Cafe du Parc and Ici. Dinner will include buffets from Brittany/Normandy, Provence, the South West region and Burgundy. There will be an open bar and loads of crepes.
  • Ici, at the Sofitel Lafayette, will have a Monday Happy Hour featuring a waiters race and free wine.
  • Les Halles starts of early on Monday with their annual waiter’s race. Apparently when the waiters are done there is a race for the general public. Anyone with $10 can run down Pennsylvania Avenue carrying a tray of glasses – but honesty I bet people could pull this off on their own. Instead of ponying up on the free food and wine, Les Halles is offering up a supplemental menu.
  • The party at the Alliance Francaise is unfortunately sold out, but don’t let that stop you.

Perhaps the best choice in town is the raucous party at Bistro du Coin. Go early, eat, stay… Just don’t party like it’s the Beajoulais, you need to save your energy for November.