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all photos: Chris Svetlik

In what can only be described as a very heavy hitting organizational combo, House of Sweden, AFI and Fotoweek joined forces for a sweeping exhibit entitled “What Lies Beneath: Nature and Urban Landscape in EU Photography,” curated by Judith Turner-Yamamoto, which featured stunning landscape photography by 20 renowned and emerging European fine art photographers. The opening (invite only) party featuring DJ Kimozaki was on Saturday. We got Chris invited. Enjoy what he saw:

IMG_5587IMG_5625 IMG_5607 IMG_5592IMG_5585IMG_5574 IMG_5547 IMG_5423IMG_5367 IMG_5439 IMG_5495IMG_5440 IMG_5319 IMG_5581IMG_5221 IMG_5440 IMG_5502IMG_5281 IMG_5280 IMG_5243IMG_5208IMG_5238 IMG_5250 IMG_5247IMG_5301 IMG_5303 IMG_5366IMG_5359

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