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It’s our favorite time of the year. Neighbors are pulling out their Halloween decorations, theaters are showing an abundance of horror movies and everything feels a little bit spookier. That chill in the air might bring you back to your childhood trick r’ treating memories, but Halloween is really the great equalizer. It’s a holiday that’s equally as fun whether you’re an adult or a kid, and if you’re looking for some very adult ways to get into the holiday spirit, the Truxton Inn (and their sister bar, McClellan’s Retreat) has got your back.

Steven King Bar Preview-6523

In honor of all things Halloween, they’ve dedicated their rotating cocktail menu (and a few corners of their very retro bar) to the master of horror, Stephen King. Sprinkled around Truxton, you’ll find nods to King’s most famous books, including The Shining, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption and all your other favorites, but the cocktail menu is where the references really shine.

After playing around on the Truxton’s working typewriter (side note: you might not actually be allowed to touch it, but we definitely wrote a couple of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy lines.”), make your way to the bar and be sure to start out with a Mr. Jingles. Made with Republic Restorative’s Civic Vodka, lime, simple, egg white and Boomsma’s Cloosterbitter for that beautiful light green color, it’s a fantastic transitional drink that manages to feel both summery and wintery. The egg white gives it a silky smooth consistency, and while the vodka, lime and simple keep everything light and very drinkable, the Cloosterbitter gives it a slight herbal bite to keep everything interesting. If you real like that herbal edge, try ordering it with gin.

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If you’ve read all of the Dark Tower series more than once, finished The Outsider the day it came out and can quote Misery by heart, Go for the Number On Fan instead. Kicking off with some lightly smokey Ilegal Reposado mezcal, the cocktail includes some cocchi vermouth, plus angostura and orange bitters. The smoke isn’t especially overwhelming, so this is a great cocktail for people who are still testing the mezcal waters.

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But if you want to try our favorite cocktail, go for the Firestarter. Made with gin, more cocchi vermouth, maraschino and fig balsamic, it feels like this drink is sucker punching you in the face with flavor. The tang of the balsamic and that twinge of sweetness from the fig couldn’t be more lovely. The fact that it gets lit on fire is pretty heavy metal too.

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Thankfully, this bar will have a better ending than most King books. On October 31, they’ll be throwing a Pet Sematary costume contest that includes a complimentary glass of punch for pet owners and bragging rights for whoever wins. That’s the kind of final chapter we can definitely get behind.

Truxton Inn is located at 251 Florida Ave NW

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