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Hi! It’s time to talk about another comedy person that I think you’ll like. This week, it’s Chicago-based standup comedian and occasional BYT contributor Stephanie Hasz! Though just a few years into the game, Hasz has developed a singular voice, one that’s self-deprecating and brutally self-aware, let’s watch a short clip from her set at last year’s Crom Fest in Omaha, NE.

I mean, that clip’s under two minutes long and you’re already on board, right? If you aren’t already half the sucker that I am for Hasz’s specific blend of cutting, insightful meditations on the waking nightmare of every day life, watch this interview and try and deny this purveyor of “jokes about being a creepy woman.”

Hasz has a great onstage energy and showed a propensity for aggressive self-examination early on in her life as a performer. Her edition of Cat Shirt Comedy’s “My First Joke” finds her talking about some of her earliest jokes, many of which took aim at false redheads!

Now comes the time that I throw a bunch of good ass Tweets at you! Here’s some of my recent faves!

Tonight, (Tuesday, May 27th) at the Hungry Brain in Chicago, Hasz hosts the latest edition of Comedy Secrets, a monthly celebration of sad life stuff and stories folks would normally never be shared onstage. In honor of Memorial Day weekend, they’re throwing a pool party with a stacked lineup of NY, LA, and Chicago-based comics, including Janelle James, Andy Sell, Chad Briggs, Goodrich Gevaart, and former Funny Humans of the Week Ian Abramson and Tommy McNamara!

There is no other show like Comedy Secrets in Chicago (or anywhere else?). It’s the anti-podcast, offering comedians a safe, recording device-free space to overshare in ways they normally never would, telling intensely personal, embarrassing stories that will (probably) never be told again. It’s a very nice time and if you live in Chicago, you should definitely go. This is where I’d embed a video from a recent Comedy Secrets show, but THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SHOW IS THAT IT’S IN THE MOMENT AND WILL NEVER BE ARCHIVED. You have to just go.

That’s all for now. See you tonight at Comedy Secrets if you live in Chicago or next week at this column if you don’t!