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OK kids, so, StellaStarr (check out this interview with Shawn we did back in the day) are playing a show this Saturday at the 6th and I Synagogue, as part of the DAM! Festival.
After which they will proceed to the afterparty at RNR hotel.

Rumor has it, new material will be played (sample of which, all demoed out, you can download below) and guess what?
you get to go for free.


Download HERE

Well, 4 of you do.
We have 2 pairs of tickets to give away to the show, courtesy of the kind folk at LiveNation, (which also features Pela and local favorites Exit Clov)
and as per usual all you have to do is tell us WHY, OH WHY you WANT/deserve it?

Just post as a comment below, anonymous or not, but remember use your actual email so we can let you know of your good fortune.

ready, set, go…