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Where were you when the 2010 Earthquake hit DC?

It is hard for all of us.  I mean, just look at this picture of devastation from Gaithersburg:

Take a moment to share your story of shock in the comment section below.  Here are some samples from BYT contributors.

Libby: I was on my couch downstairs because I was too drunk to make it to my bedroom. I thought it was the government.

Cale: I bravely avoided being engulfed by the rapidly approaching zig-zag shaped crevasse by stepping to the left. Just talkin’ bout continental drift y’all!

Mike A: I remember dreaming that someone was moving furniture in my apartment.  I woke up to ask “Who moved that grandfather clock?”  I don’t have a grandfather clock.

Bradley: I was passed out from drinking several bottles of champagne and a carton of ice cream sandwiches at Svetlana’s birthday party.

Svetlana: I don’t remember

Gan: Truly terrible. The only way my earthquaked body could handle the shock of the natural disaster was to continue sleeping.

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