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You’re hungover. I’m hungover. The world is hungover. 2016 is dead. Long live 2017. Fortify yourself for this new year with the help of our lovely friends at Prescription Chicken. They’ll take care of you.

I love soup so much I could honestly eat it every day (and coincidentally I’ve had crab soup every day for the last four days), but why did you folks decide to start a soup delivery service?

TOTALLY feel you. I absolutely love soup and eat it all day long (breakfast is actually one of my favorite times to eat soup). I’ve always loved to make soup… I’m not good at giving presents, but if a friend is sick, I’m practically begging them to take some soup. The idea behind Prescription Chicken really crystalized a few years ago after I got laryngitis twice in 5 weeks. The second time I was desperate to find soup and had to resort to begging my favorite local restaurant to give me broth because I wasn’t going to make it to the grocery store to make myself some soup. I kept thinking that I wish I could just order soup without spending $50 to do so….and Prescription Chicken was born. My cousin Taryn Pellicone felt the same way about the concept, and so we decided to give it a try and launched Sept 1.

Why should you choose chicken soup over greasy Chinese food / pizza / etc when you’re hungover?

So many reasons. Soup is hydrating, revitalizing and super comforting in a totally non-judgmental way–It’s like a hug from your mom without any of the guilt about what happened last night.

Our Hangover Package aims to knock out the hangover from every angle. First: Our Soup. It’s a spicy chicken soup made with ingredients that are known hangover helpers (turmeric: anti-inflammatory liver protector, ginger: anti nausea/stomach settler, Thyme: soothing; fennel seeds: restorative, etc) with enough heat to help sweat it out, noodles to get some substance into your stomach and a really delicious broth.

We send our soup with a specialty Hangover tea made for us by the amazing Mumon Teas, a hangover potion from Faust’s Potions and some saltines, because necessary.

Besides soup, what’s your go to hangover cure / prevention technique?

For me, it’s all about the beverages: a Bloody Mary, Ginger Ale, Coffee and Seltzer…. and many, many peppermint altoids.

Do you find that more people are ordering soup for themselves or sending soup to someone else?

Both! We get a lot of people ordering for lunch or dinner, but we’re also seeing an increase in people who are sending soup to friends – via the delivery apps or via special delivery. It’s like flower delivery but not quite as expensive (and much more delicious). We actually have a bunch of packages – so you can send to someone who is super sick, stressed, a new mom, etc.

Whats your favorite style of soup you offer?

Love them all… We always joke about which is our favorite. But it’s been four months of drinking a lot of chicken soup, and our first taste of the day (we taste throughout the day to make sure it’s seasoned properly) is always met with the same “mmmmmm”.

Do you ever see yourselves expanding into other meats / styles? Like ramen or pho?

We are rolling out a new product in 2016, actually – a vegan “bone” broth. It’s a mushroom broth with lots of ginger and turmeric. So it’s in the family because we have our chicken bone broth and wanted to provide vegetarians another option. We also think about adding a rotating international soup (every culture has a chicken soup so it would be fun to introduce that) — maybe this summer.

What was the most difficult part of getting Prescription Chicken off the ground?

I think it’s all the things you don’t know how to do. You have an idea and the thought of what end result you want but trying to figure out how to go from A to Z can be terrifying and hard when you are doing new things every day. For us, realizing that it’s about going from A to B to C to D not to Z immediately helped. And learning patience and how to persistently follow up (and not take it personally when you don’t hear back from people).

What’s the best part of working at Prescription Chicken?

Every time someone says that they have seen our soup or tasted it and loved it, it is the best best feeling ever. It makes us so happy as the whole point of chicken soup is to make someone feel better.

Also every time we see the product on the shelves at one of our retail partners (Glen’s, Harvey’s Market, Odd Provisions, From the Farmer, Smucker Farms, Good Foods Market), we get such a thrill!

If you had to go way back in time when Prescription Chicken was just a dream, what advice would you give yourself?

To know that things will change and evolve and to have the sense to let it happen – the business will tell you where it needs to go, you just have to listen. For us, that was retail (I was worried it would ‘compete’ with delivery) but it’s been yet another way to get soup to which is our goal!

And to pass along the same sage advice many an entrepreneur passed to me: don’t print a lot of labels your first round, even though the more you print the less expensive they will be. Something will change or go wrong with the printing and you don’t want to be stuck with a ton of unusable labels.