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If you’re NYC-based, as of today you can visit Chelsea’s Zwirner galleries again! This is a pretty big deal since many galleries and museums remain shuttered due to the pandemic; while virtual visits are a great option for staying safe and connected to art, nothing beats an IRL experience.

That said, the health and safety of staff and visitors is top priority, so guests will be required to wear masks, and the amount of people inside the facilities will be reduced to prevent overcrowding. (Plus visits will be limited to 30 minute intervals.) Additionally, booking an appointment in advance is strongly encouraged! Hand sanitizer will be made available, as will masks if you don’t have access to one.

Here are is the full list of safety measures currently in place:

– Beginning Monday, July 6, the 20th Street and 19th Street galleries will be open to the public, Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM.
– Advance appointments are encouraged but not required. 
– There will be a limit on visitors in the space at a time, to align with the city’s current social distancing protocol. (Group visits are not permitted at this time.)
– If the gallery is at capacity, visitors may be asked to book an appointment or return later, or queue outside the gallery.
– Visitors are required to wear masks for the duration of their visit.
– Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided for visitors at the front desk.
– The front desk and gallery staff will be wearing masks.
– The front desk will abide by a paperless policy: The exhibition press release, checklist and other details will be available via QR downloads.
– The 69th street gallery will remain closed to the public and is only available for private appointment only.

We hope this goes well, because its success could encourage other spaces to reopen their doors in a safe manner!

To schedule an appointment for the 19th Street location, head here. For the 20th Street location (where you can check out the new exhibition Leo Amino: The Visible and the Invisible), head here.