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The weekly celebrity spotting in DC rundown, which, while many hate, all appear to read:

So, the biggest star in the district this week was/and is George Clooney. He was spotted stalking my parents condo corner, err..filming outside Al Tiramisu on 20th and P, NW Thursday, soaked. He is in town for the new Coen brothers movie which also features Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton and could basically feed this column for week.
(via Examiner)


and on that same movie crew note:Ethan Coen dining early Wednesday night with a brown-haired woman at Restaurant K (tuna steak, margaritas); he explained to a server they had to rush back to the hotel to catch the World Series. (via Reliable Source)

Speaking of rain, on Wednesday Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay of High School Musical, and a young girl with an unusually large head), got rained upon while trying to relive Tiffany’s finest Mall moments @ Montgomery Mall.

Then, Rachel McAdams stopped by Washington Post to research an upcoming role and promted the following reaction from one of its editors:
“I had no idea who she was. She was in a meeting. I thought she was an intern.”

Not EVERYONE has cried to the “Notebook”, apparently.
via Politico

In a triple threat:
Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and a peace-symbol-wearing Graham Nash power-breakfasting at Palette yesterday morning before a Capitol Hill trip to lobby against federal bucks for nuclear power (and maybe resurrect their “No Nukes” concerts of 1979). All three classic-rock icons had oatmeal, Raitt (wearing all black, her flame-red hair down) adding soy milk. Didn’t want her raisins so she gave them to Browne. (via Reliable Source)

Jack Bauer (aka Kiefer Sutherland, fresh off his DUI fiasco) is coming to town.
(via Examiner)

and be totally stoked to see Dave Eggers when he comes to town this Tuesday, at Politics and Prose. But considering it will all take place at 2 pm, here is what you will probably miss: