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The holidays means it’s party season. Just hanging up some twinkle lights, turning on a dancing Santa, and throwing some Natty Lights in a trash can with a red ribbon on it ain’t gonna do it this year. It’s time to grow the hell up and get your pad party ready like a real adult.

We consulted with the most festive and simply chic person we know, Kara Carpluk the Co-Founder of Takesuye Interiors + Staging, on easy ways to stage your home with minimal fuss and minimal purchasing of items you’ll only trot out once a year. With her ten tips on how to transform your home into the ideal holiday party spot, you’ll impress your guests and really earn those host gifts this year.

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Think about what kind of party you want it to be

Christmas, Hanukkah? Cocktail party for adults? Kids invited? What time of day? Do you need to serve a lot of food or just bites? What kind of drinks do you need? How many stations to get food/drink? Make sure you keep in mind size of your entertaining space.

Create flow

Make sure you move your dining table against a wall to give your guests more standing space if you have a smaller home. Make small seating groups so your guests can sit and comfortably talk. Easy access to a bar or multiple bars and self-serve drink stations.

Create a casual atmosphere

Have beer or cold drinks in a cute ice bucket or cooler. Make a signature drink for the party — punch, wassail, mixed drink with something festive. Set up a bar area with a small champagne/prosecco bucket, ice.

Think about how your apartment or house will look when you approach it

It will set the mood. Simple festive lights are good — white is pretty, colorful lights are fun. LED can be harsh so keep it warm. Plenty of greenery helps warm up a space and make it pretty and sometimes even smell like the holidays!

Back to lighting

On the interior of your space have light sources at different eye levels. A dimmed chandelier, votives lit on the mantle or table top, lamps. Try to avoid turning on your ceiling lights — too harsh. If you have a fireplace, get it going!

If you have mirrors on the walls, awesome

They will bounce light around the room and make the space appear bigger. If you don’t have mirrors. Hang them! They can really help the space. If you want to have a lot of fun, hang a ribbon down from the top of the mirror and wrap it around a small wreath. So cute for the holidays. Get crafty!

Think of your theme in colors

Do you want classic red and green or blue and silver? Do you want to have a fun twist and use a cool pink instead of red or go pastels or a dark blue with fun brass or silver accents? We love mixing colors to make your party fun and stand out in the blur of parties all holiday long that are just red poinsettias. Get crazy and go away from the expected!

Pick a focal point in your entertaining space

Make your mantel beautiful with greenery — we love cut magnolia, boxwood, or laurel. Get some greenery on the mantel, some pretty candles. Clip some red berries.

If you have a Christmas tree get it all trimmed up and lit

A table top tree is a really cool idea.. keeps it off the ground and away from kids knocking into it. You can drape a really cool patterned or colorful skirt around the base of the tree and over the table!

Create different areas of interest

Just like you spread out the snacks, spread out the holiday theme.. draw people to different parts of your home. Even if it’s as simple as putting cool round ornaments in a glass bowl, it will get people talking. Check out Miss Pixies for a fun, vintage find. They have awesome one-of a kind decor. This adds character and charm!