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Having spent our formative college (read: drinking) years in Savannah and Boston (the locations of 2 biggest US ST.Patrick’s day celebrations) we were understandably weary of heading back into general green-beer-goggles-and-other-unsavory madness territory.No Shamrock fests, Flogging Molly obsessions or leprechaun costumes for us thank-you-very-much.We’re grown up now, we said to ourselves. We are better than this.

We drink all day EVERY Saturday, not just that one time of the year.

Well….. having said that, we still could not NOT go to Wonderland (11th and Kenyon NW) for their St. Patrick’s day brunch. The brunch institution here started mid January and has fast become the greasiest, most comfortable place to sit for 18 hours on a weekend and drink and eat whatever it is that they are UNLIMITEDLY and BOTTOMLESSLY serving you (namely Mimosas and Bacon).As someone (and they know who they are) wrote in their “DC Love letter”: The Wonderland brunch ain’t pretty, but guess what, neither are you.The St.Patrick’s day Wonderland Bonanza featured everything from:-drunken bingo (soon to become a every-2-weeks tradition, only 12 boards available so be ready to fight for your right to bingo)
-beer bongs in-between drunken bingo (we were very very verrrrrryyyyyyyyyy impressed at the bong prowess of attendees, minimal beer waste, minimal mess, excellent grip techniques and all)
-some of the best cheese sandwiches around (described as ” a slab of butter on top, a slab of butter on bottom, and a slab of butter in the middle”)
-bottomless bacon baskets (tho, word of warning, come early as you can NEVER EVER understimate the general public’s ability to eat all the bacon under the Columbia Heights’ sun before 2 pm)
– bottomless 12 dollar bloody mary’s (extra spicy)
-green mimosas (no food coloring thank you very much, only curacao, yellow+blue equals green, for those of you without basic color theory knowledge)
-and of course, complementary green jellow shots (of course)In many other situations the above list would have spelled for disaster but Wonderland brunch is run by Kat and Ashley May who don’t crumble under pressure and are able to handle anything (remember last halloween?) while looking more like green fashion fairies as opposed to irish martyrs. Kudos to them for keeping the spirit of St.Patrick’s alive while staying alive (also no-pinching).AAnd for making sure we made it home at 5 pm just in time for a much needed disco nap.And now: for the visuals (click on each to enlarge)

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