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Megan Gailey is one of our favorite stand ups. She’s also more knowledgeable than everyone on the BYT staff about sports so we’re asking her about sports. Today’s column sheds light on the relatively unknown boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather is a piece of shit. It’s taken the media about 13 years to own up to it but in the days before the biggest pay day and fight of his life, they’re finally coming, a little, clean. And if you weren’t aware he was a piece of shit, don’t feel bad, that’s how they planned it. You didn’t know because there were lots of people and money working hard to ensure we didn’t find out. If we did find out, it was spun in a way that all of it was one big misunderstanding. But the truth is: Floyd Mayweather is a habitual woman beater to a degree so heinous, the lack of coverage and accountability up until this point is disgusting.

Boxing is a violent sport, filled with violent people in and out of the ring. It’s a sport that thrives in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, a sport that is synonymous with the mafia, gambling and countless illegal endeavors. Some of that is murky, some of that might be historical misconception, some of that is Ocean’s 11. But one thing that is undeniable is that its most famous and richest American fighter has physically harmed FIVE WOMEN: two different women he has children with, an ex-fiance and two female friends of a girlfriend. FIVE. FIVE. FIVE WOMEN.

As a sports fan or consumer of news in this country, sports stars engaging in violence against women is something we have become too accustomed. The NFL is in the midst of trying to clean up the mess they made with the Ray Rice domestic violence incident that started with a two game suspension that turned into an indefinite ban once hotel surveillance surfaced of Rice closed fist punching his then fiance/now wife and knocking her unconscious. The NFL vowed they never saw this video and they made a mistake and that domestic violence will not be tolerated. Then came the ad campaigns assuring us that the NFL cares about women’s safety and their influence to help stop this epidemic.

At least they tried. They acknowledged they were wrong, Ray Rice was wrong and they shot some commercials. They gave an after-school effort of saying they were sorry. Katy Perry sang “Roar” and they hoped we’d just move on.

Did the NFL handle the Ray Rice violence correctly? No. Did they try to pretend to care at some point after the fact? Yes. Here’s the response from boxing officials, “oh yeah, we don’t give a FUCK!” (That’s clearly not a real quote.) This piece of shit has been to jail. JAIL. Ray Rice never went to jail and we got Super Bowl commercials. So why did the NFL feel like they had to do something and every boxing governing body has done nothing? I bet you can guess…$$$$$$. Floyd Mayweather alone brings in ALL the money. Can anyone even name another boxer? Ray Rice was expendable, Floyd Mayweather is not. There’s not 32 teams with 53 roster spots. He’s their everything.

The incidents that Mayweather has been involved in, FIVE, have all either been settled outside of court (hitting the two female friends), still pending a civil ruling (ex-fiance) or charges banished from his record (ex-girlfriend). But one. Here is the one that went to trial. Floyd Mayweather showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home, a home he owned, and threatened to evict and then physically harm her after she admitted she was seeing another man. FYI, her and Floyd were broken up and Floyd had a live-in girlfriend (the one currently suing him). So she called the police and after some more harassment, he finally left. Then he showed up 3 hours later, beat his ex-girlfriend in front of their two children and then said he’d beat them the same way if they called the police. A 9 and 10 year-old watched their mother get a concussion from their father as he repeatedly punched her in the back of the head. Why the back of the head? Professional theories say because it wouldn’t show and is the deadliest way to punch someone, so violent it is banned from boxing.

Imagine the above “alleged” incident was the only one Floyd Mayweather was involved in. It’s disgusting, it’s sad, it’s terrifying and premeditated. And if one of the children hadn’t gotten away and alerted authorities, their mother very well may have been killed that night. Mayweather plead guilty, took a deal and was out of jail in 60 days. The judge even rearranged the sentencing schedule so he could take part in a fight.

That is just one of 5 stories. 5 horrifying stories where he intimidated, threatened and then physically harmed women. Imagine those women were children. He intimidated, threatened and then physically harmed 5 children. Or imagine they were dogs. He intimidated, threatened and then physically harmed 5 dogs. If he had beat 5 children or 5 dogs, would he still get to fight? But he beat 5 women and now that man gets to make 100 million dollars this weekend. He gets to be the star in the largest fight in a generation. He gets to roam the streets not only as a free man but praised as an incredible entrepreneur and athlete with an unparalleled level of wealth. He’s worth more than Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Barack Obama COMBINED.

In a recent in depth piece by ESPN E:60, probably done as penance for the networks continuing exposure of Mayweather, a reporter asked him to comment about his troubling issues with domestic violence. “Only God can judge,” was his answer. Which might be a theory that is comforting for men that beat women to tell themselves. But it’s thankfully untrue. Boxing officials can judge, the media can judge, the general public can judge, the judicial system can really judge. But sadly up to this point, they’ve all failed to judge.

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