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Hello! (Or should I say PIP PIP CHEERIO now that we’re well-English, kind of?) I hope that you have taken a moment to read the part of the title that says SPOILER-FILLED, because even though I haven’t yet decided how many spoilers will be included in the body of this post, I can only assume there will be many. And to avoid instances of WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SPOILER ALERT?! I have decided to cover my bases.

(If you didn’t watch the episode, this is the part where you avert your eyes.)

Okay. Ready?


Things picked up a little bit last week with some MEGA-DRAMZ featuring Lady Edith and Michael Gregson’s unborn child! Yes, Lady Edith is super pregnant AND also super unable to locate Gregson, so she decides THIS time around that she’s about to do a little DIY search party up in London-town. (SISTERS DOIN’ IT FOR THEMSELVES.) She discusses her plight with Cora, telling her that Gregson allegedly went missing from his hotel in Munich. Cora’s confused as to why he went to Munich in the first place (DIVORCE THINGS LOL) so Edith makes up some dumb story about him wanting to visit castles as a cover. She also asks Cora if she thinks she’s “bad”, to which Cora replies something along the lines of “Bad looking? Maybe. Bad person? No way!” (Just kidding, she didn’t say the first bit.)

Later, Edith decides she’s going to get rid of the baby, because even if she ends up seeing Gregson again, she doesn’t feel she can deal with the shame of having a child out of wedlock. She gets Rosamund to come with her to the appointment, but after hearing another patient screaming, she decides SHE’S GON’ KEEP IT AFTER ALL.

Meanwhile, we’ve got Lord Grantham fixin’ to head to ‘MERICA for some mysterious business that involves a Senate hearing. (UH-OH.) Bates pretty much can’t go with him because #DAMAGEDANNA (Mary backs him up on this since she knows what really happened), so Lord Grantham opts to bring Thomas instead. Jimmy gets super jealous that Thomas gets to have marvelous adventures in the US, while he has to stay home and continue to receive the cold shoulder (for good reason) from Ivy, who he tried (and failed) to make a pass at last episode. Meanwhile, Mary tries to get Anna to open up about her attacker, but Anna won’t do it. Thomas and weasley Baxter keep trying to pry to find out why Bates won’t go to America, to the point that even Molesley gets involved after overhearing their “sneaky” conversation. MIND YA BIZNASS, EVERYONE.

BACON also plays a big role this episode! Or, pigs. Pigs do. (But still. PRE-BACON!) That guy Blake with the stick up his ass comes to Downton again, and long story short, he and Mary have a mud fight after trying to help rescue some dehydrated swine (normal) and then make the most romantic scrambled eggs you’ve ever seen. SO. That’s likely to be a thing. Lord Gillingham continues to show up ALL THE TIME, though, and it’s very obvious that despite his relationship status, he’s still super interested in Lady Mary. (EFF THAT.) Obviously Mr. Green comes with him, and continues to be a horrible, horrible person; Mrs. Hughes gives him the business downstairs and is basically like, hi, you’re a dead man walking. (This does little to prevent him from being a mega-dick.)

AND we’ve got Rose tryna date Jack Ross (#INTERRACIAL DRAMA!) so that’s exciting, AND there appears to be a little spark between Tom and some broad he meets at a political meeting. So who knows?! SHIT IS CRAZY ROMANTICAL UP IN DOWNTON THIS WEEK!

The Dowager Countess also has a little non-romantic drama this episode after she falls ill with BRONCHITIS. Isobel Crawley ends up taking cake of her to ensure it doesn’t turn into super-pneumonia, which is pretty nice of her all things considered. (GLAD UR ALIVE, BB!)

What’d you think of the episode? TELL US ALL YOUR #FEELS in the comments and/or on Twitter, yeah? SEE YOU NEXT TIME!