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Hello! (Or should I say PIP PIP CHEERIO now that we’re well-English, kind of?) I hope that you have taken a moment to read the part of the title that says SPOILER-FILLED, because even though I haven’t yet decided how many spoilers will be included in the body of this post, I can only assume there will be many. And to avoid instances of WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SPOILER ALERT?! I have decided to cover my bases.

(If you didn’t watch the episode, this is the part where you avert your eyes.)

Okay. Ready?

First up, if you haven’t caught the season finale then DO IT RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

The main focus of the episode (which skips ahead eight months from where we last left off) is Rose’s presentation and ball, so ALL OF THE PAGEANTRY and ALL OF THE DRAMA. Remember that guy Sampson from a few parties back? He was the card shark cheater? WELL he’s returned for the festivities since Rosamund invited him along, and though Lord Grantham is SUPER PISSED about it, he doesn’t want to make a scene. This ends up ruining everyone’s lives in the form of blackmail, though; Rose meets the Prince and his mistress Freda, they become guests, and THEN a letter from the Prince to Freda is STOLEN by mother effing Sampson who realizes how valuable it is to the press. A big part of the episode centers on getting the letter back (since Lord Grantham doesn’t want to be held responsible for bringing shame upon the royal family), and eventually (after a big scheme involving forgery and poker) they succeed, thwarting Sampson’s diabolical plans. As a big thank you, the Prince dances with Rose at her ball and everyone thinks it’s the raddest.

Other less-unwelcome guests include Martha and Harold, Cora’s family from America. They’re both pursued by the money-grubbing Madeleine Allsopp and her father Lord Aysgarth, who’ve got impressive titles but ZERO DOLLARS to show for it. Neither succeeds in wooing the affections of the American smarties, though, so LOL AT YOU GUYS, AMERICA RULES.

Meanwhile, because the servants have been working so hard this whole time, they learn they’re being gifted a treat day by Lady Grantham; Mr. Carson is in charge of choosing the activity, and obviously all of his options are HELLA LAME. Eventually (after he realizes no one’s enthused to hit up science museums), they all go for a day at the beach where MR. CARSON AND MRS. HUGHES HOLD HANDS AND IT IS THE CUTEST. It’s unclear if it’s platonic or not, but WHO CARES.

In other servant news, Thomas catches Brason giving his lady friend a tour of the house while everyone is away in London, and though it was innocent enough, Thomas rats on him to Lord Grantham. Thomas also continues to torment Baxter, but good old Molesley is like, GIRL YOU DO WHATCHU WANT.

ALSO, Harold’s valet is crushing on Daisy for some reason, and eventually he breaks the news to Daisy that Harold enjoyed her cooking SO MUCH that he’s willing to bring her over to America. Daisy is having none of it (the interested valet OR the trip proposition), but Ivy ends up taking the opportunity instead. And when Mrs. Hughes asks Anna for donations for Russian refugees, she gives a coat over that has PROOF (unbeknownst to her) that Mr. Bates was in fact in London when Mr. Green died. Fortunately the evidenced is destroyed, though, and it seems (for now, anyway) that Bates is in the clear.

In Lady Edith land, times is still mega-tough; she finds out that Michael got into a scuffle with a gang of Nazis on his first night in Munich, and obviously she’s worried that he’s dead. In the meantime, he’s left her power of attorney, meaning that she’s now the sit-in editor for his magazine. (#POWERFUL) AND she decides that she’s made a mistake by giving up her baby (which she had during that eight month break since last episode), so she heads back to Switzerland to take her child back. YOU GO, EDITH.

And remember how Lady Mary was bouncing back and forth between Gillingham and that Charles guy? Well, she finds out from Gillingham that he’s set to inherit an eff ton of money AND a solid title, meaning he’s not the pauper she thought. (THE ROMANTIC PLOT THICKENS.)

And thus, another season ends. 

What’d you think of the episode? TELL US ALL YOUR #FEELS in the comments and/or on Twitter, yeah? SEE YOU NEXT TIME!