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The Spice Girls have announced a 2016 reunion, meaning this year has already fulfilled all of my wildest dreams and it’s only been a week! The only thing that could possibly improve life now is an influx of Spice Girls-themed merchandise and franchises, which I assume will gradually come to be as we get closer and closer to showtime. And what would the ultimate Spice Girls-themed situation be? One that focuses on America’s favorite pastime: FOOD! Seriously, if there was a Spice Girls-themed restaurant I would eat there all day every day! Can we please make this happen!  I’ll even give potential investors / entrepreneurs / someone who would do this some starter ideas! For example!

1. ZIG-A-ZIG PHO. This one is important, because it will reinforce the correct pronunciation of “pho”. #EDUCATIONAL.


2. RICE UP YOUR LIFE. Just all kinds of rice. All kinds. Rice and beans, fried rice, rice pudding…I triple-repeat, ALL KINDS. We will take back that gaping E-coli-shaped hole that Chipotle left in our hearts!


3. CURL POWER. First of all, I think we’re long overdue for a restaurant specializing in curly fries in the first place. This is just the cherry on top.


4. SAY YOU’LL BE RARE. A place that isn’t afraid to serve a mega-rare steak is also an important contribution to society. I would strongly support this one. Also, feel free to have a pop-up evening, Peter Luger. I give you this idea on the (steak)house.


Seriously guys, we can make this happen. I’ve seen reality TV shows that make this happen. We can be all, “MOVE THAT TOUR BUS!” and there the Spice Girls-themed venue will be. 24-hours. Let’s do this.