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In honor of of New York’s first week of legal gay marriage, we’re pulling this out of the vault, with some additions!

We were raised as gays, and now that we can get married in DC (and NY!), we want a lot of things for our weddings right now:

1. To have a threesome with James and Dave Franco at our bachelor party.


2. To be announced as Mrs. & Mrs. Deb(bie) Wasserman-Schultz-Greenspan.

180px-DebbieDeb G

3. Le Tigre as our wedding band.


4. Summer Camp officiating.

Sungay Gay Gaymes-34

5. All tuxes and dresses designed by Tim Gunn.


6. This cake delivered by Duff from Ace of Cakes.


7. To ride into the sunset on our motorcycle.


8. Sir Ian McKellen as our best man.


9. To have the reception on this boat:

boat crew P

Deb’s New Wife: Rachel Maddow


Mike A.’s New Husband: Johnny Weir

us 2005 Weir

Bradley’s New Husband Aaron Samuels/Jonathan Bennett:


Keli’s New Husband Ryan Reynolds:

Now that gay marriage is legal in DC (and NY!), what do you want for your gay dream wedding? Leave us some comments. And for more hilarity, follow @BYGays on Twitter.