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As you’re probably aware by now – SoulCycle is in DC now (on the corner of 23rd and M NW). We went. If we are being honest, we didn’t think we would like it, but we LOVED IT. It was like finding a new religion if the high priestess of said religion was Robyn (they played 4 Robyn songs in 45 min and we did think we died and went to heaven for a hot minute there) and the benefits of your religion were legs and booty and abs that you just need to find new ways to show off (and this is after just one class).
The side effects do include:
  • a. using the word booty
  • and b. talking a little too much about it to your friends, but you know-you win some you lose some.
In fact we loved it so much we are now planning our whole fall schedules around when we can fit in an hour of just sweating while locked into a stationary bike.
So we sat down with Gabby Etrog Cohen (VP of SoulCycle Brand Strategy and PR) to exactly WHY this works as well as it works:
How has the DC response been thus far? Any awesome SoulCycle class sightings in town for the first few days? 
We have been blown away by the incredible response in DC. Our DC riders are already creating a vibrant and supportive community, in just one week!

What is it that you think keeps people coming back to SoulCycle?
We always say, people come for their body and stay for their mind. The truth is, SoulCycle is FUN. Wouldn’t you want to continue to do something that is fun and good for you? It is also a way to disconnect for 45-minutes – to find silence in the movement and music.

Can you describe to us your optimal SoulCycle experience-how often do you go, what do you enjoy about the classes the most etc?
Our riders come between 2-5 times a week. I love dancing on the bike and the joy that I feel after class. It stays with me throughout my day.
Obviously the music is a huge part of why SoulCycle works – what are 5 songs you are REALLY feeling during classes right now and why?
Fancy by Iggy Azalea

Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

Conceited by Remy Ma (all time favorite)

Turn Down For What by DJ Snake & Lil Jon Mike Posner We Own It remix
5) Any pro tips for DC SoulCycle newbies?
Come 15-minutes before class to get set up, take it at your own pace and have fun.
You heard the woman.