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What, you didn’t know Brookland was the new center of the house party universe? You’d better ask somebody then. Preferably someone under 22.

All photos: Shauna “Our Hero” Alexander

First up to bat in the rock room of the Halfway House: Maybe, Baby. These young folks are the DC areas best hope for pure insane rock and roll fury now that the Points seem to be disintegrating in spectacular fashion. Clearly natural heirs of Jay Reatard they bashed out something like 25 songs in about 14 minutes, and yet even in the utter blasting noise of overdriven guitar little sparks of snarled minor chord melodies stuck with you even as your head was still ringing. If there’s any justice in the world they’re going to be huge. There isn’t though, so go support them whenever you get a chance.

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Next up were the Blackberry Belles. Imagine if the Black Keys preferred Stax Records psychedelic soul to Delta Blues…or instead of imagining, go check out this awesome VA trio. Singer Tony Ferrari’s raspy voice cuts through the fuzzy but tight organ lead jams like Eric Burdon or his brother Van. It’s retro without being cliched, and dirty without not being fun. Good shit.

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Finally Las Bandidas DJ’d late into the night throwing down remixed TI against the Ramones in a way that nobody should ever do unless their in a sweaty house full of dancing drunk people. All-in-all, grand jams.