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Welcome to my 4th annual, all-important, hugely subjective list of songs that made me happy every time I heard them in 2010. Not the best songs, not the coolest songs, just the songs that made me! (me! me!) happy. I am pretty predictable in my tastes so expect mostly music you can wear a dress to and maybe a fair amount of cheese dripping off your screen. But there is no shame in my sonic game, and there never will be.
Before we start, I’d like to point out a couple of things:
1. I barely listened to any new music in 2010, it seems.
2. As such, some may find this list uninspired and definitely sprinkled heavily with some non-2010 releases, so please feel free to offer suggestions in the comments.
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Youtube clips, brief annotations etc included where applicable.


  • Janelle Monae: “COLD WAR”: Why Janelle Monae is not the biggest, massivest star in the world is beyond me. Well, actually, let me answer that: probably because she is so insanely overambitious in her musical endeavors that some of it may come off as off-putting. “Cold War” though is just a straight up great song, driven, catchy, the kind you find yourself running while dancing to, the kind of you thought they didn’t make anymore.
  • Nikki and The Corvettes “What I need”: Full credit for this goes to Philippe who played this at one of the first QUE SERA parties at Napoleon this summer. I danced so hard I had tambourine bruises on my left thigh the next morning but the pain I was feeling only reminded me to email him ASAP and get “that song”. God, it’s so so so good:
  • La Roux: “I’m Not Your Toy”: Out of all the La Roux songs that could be on this list, I went with “I’m Not Your Toy” because most of my summer was spent driving around in intern Megan’s car with me screaming “Megan, play that La Roux song, you know the one…” and she kindly obliged. Before she left for Argentina I actually made her give me the title of it, and have been youtube dance partying to it on my TV ever since.
  • Games “Strawberry Skies” (Feat. Laurel Halo): because if I was in an 80s teen action comedy (which I often pretend that I am in), I’d want this to be the soundtrack: nerdy, catchy, the works… (p.s. this whole record is pretty priceless)
  • El Guincho “Bombay”: so, to put credit where credit is due, this is a good song, but it would not be on here on the basis of the song alone, it is here because the video for it is hands down the most genius piece of filmmaking (in any form) I have seen in years. Every time I watch it, I feel reborn.
  • Bird and The Bee “Private Eyes”: Sure, you’ll say, this is just a Hall & Oates cover, but I’d still ask you to listen to it because Indira George still has one of the best pop voices around and while they stayed true to the spirit of the original, they also managed to make it well, sexier. This song is just the tip of the iceberg: “Interpreting the Masters Vol. 1” is all Hall & Oates based, and implies that Vol. 2 is in store. I, for one, can’t wait.

as an added bonus, let me add in here their own song “Love Letter to Japan” to seal in those tender feelings you’re developing for them (someone make this the Cherry Blossom festival theme song, please):

  • Chemise “She can’t love you”: I found this song while being bored and sick over the weekend and looking through endless fashion blogs (as one does). It was originally released by (I imagine a woman, there are almost no details about it online) named Chemise in 1982, later as part of Chromeo’s “Un Joli Mix Pour Toi” and is currently experiencing a renaissance among girls who were not even born in 1982 as the sultry backdrop to Roman Coppola’s lovely “swathed in camel” ad for Chloe’s “Love” Perfume.
    It is slinky, upbeat, and all sorts of other stuff I look for in a Monday morning pick-me-up. I think you’ll enjoy.
    For optimum pleasure, I am including both the aforementioned Chloe ad and  the vocal version
    here is the ad:
    and with vocals
  • (download here):

  • Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” – I swear I tried to resist and resist hard.
  • CULTS “Go Outside” – this is 2010’s perfect bike around song. Enough said.
  • Tennis “South Carolina” – this is a perfect song to follow CULTS “Go Outside” on your 2010 bike around playlist. Enough said.
  • Duck Sauce “Barbra Streisend” – I am a big fan of songs I find hilarious for one reason or another-and I find “Barbra Streisend” hilarious for about 1001 reasons. Plus, it is the ultimate sing-along song for 2010 because within 15 seconds of hearing it, you’re completely on board and cannot wait for the next opportunity you’ll get to faux-barritone utter the name on everyone else’s lips.
  • Crystal Castles “Not In Love” (Feat. Robert Smith) – Independently-I am scared of both Crystal Castles and Robert Smith. Together-they play your favorite sad but happy song you wish you had on that mixtape you made for yourself to get over yourself when you were 14. Nothing not to like:
  • Jeanette “Porque te Vas” – another oldie but a goodie from Megan Burns, the super intern. This one is from Carlos Saura’s “Cria Cuervos” delightfully twisted movie and it is a little, sly slice of deceptively simple heaven.
  • Ike & Tina Turner “River Deep” + Glee cover of The Zutons’ “Valerie” – I am extremely into GLEE this year (don’t ask) and it has been a great way of reconnecting with some songs I used to take for granted. This is a video double whammy: check out Tina shimmy her way through “do I love you, my oh my” (which Mercedes and Santana sang in the duets episode) and then follow it up with Santana making “Valerie” about 18 times better than it used to be in it’s original version and  if you don’t feel an undying urge to go buy yourself some tassels and glitter and run around while shaking it for all that is worth, then, you’re probably not human.

(start this second video at 2:35)


Now-its your turn.