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We asked some of our favorite musicians to give us lists of their favorite songs for summertime, and our TWELFTH installment comes from Sophie Stern of Sophie and the Bom Boms; she’s into Young Thug, Major Lazer ft. MØ and MORE, so prepare to mainline some serious summer vibes for the remaining two weeks, yeah? (You should also follow Sophie and the Bom Boms on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.) HERE WE GO!

c2a9myles_pettengill_camc7580aPhoto by Myles Pettengill

Screenshot 2015-08-05 at 11

D.R.A.M. – Cha Cha


I’ve been dancing to this all summer.

Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now

I bump this so loud. It hurts and feels good at the same time.

Young Thug – Constantly Hating

I love Young Thug whole album. How he makes a beat that’s so simple feel so big, his delivery.

Major Lazer ft. MØ – Lean On

I love this. I’ll turn on the radio just to find this.  Diplo just followed me on Soundcloud so I feel special now. lol.
Screenshot 2015-08-05 at 12

Staple Singers – Let’s Do It Again

Put this song on when you’re BBQing and tell me you don’t feel good.

Paul Simon – Graceland/Rhythm of the Saints


These albums are always good.

2pac- any song but if I had to choose one for the summer – To Live and Die in LA 

I grew up in LA listening to 2pac nonstop. Summers in LA are the best so it feels appropriate.