Summer is HERE, so we went ahead and asked some of our favorite musicians to give us a rundown of their favorite songs for summertime! Our seventh installment of 2017 comes from Simon Doom (Simon O’Connor); he shouts out everybody from Thin Lizzy to ZZ Top, so CH-CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW! (Picks up top, playlist down below.) You should also most definitely catch Simon Doom at Union Pool Friday night and/or Baby’s All Right on the 20th // IT’S GONNA BE EPIC! And in the meantime, check out “I Feel Unloved” right here, slash grab your very own copy of Babyman:

‘Party of the Mind’ – The Sound
Simon Doom used to cover this song but we stopped because I ripped it off so hard to write a lot of the songs on “Babyman”. Making people aware of it’s existence would kinda be an “emperor has no clothes” moment.

‘Honesty is No Excuse’ – Thin Lizzy
An honest tune.

‘Lord of the Hornets’ – Robert Calvert
Whenever I play this during a DJ set, people come up and ask me who it is. That’s when my assistant/head of security points to the, “DO NOT SPEAK TO THE DJ” sign.

‘Eden’s Island’ – Eden Abhez
Eden Abhez was THE FIRST HIPPY! Google him.

‘Bra’ – Cymande
Perfect party tune on a perfect party album. All partiers leave satisfied.

‘El Diablo’ – ZZ Top
I wish all ZZ Top songs sounded like this. Peyote shuffle rock. Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer trips on insanity peppers.

‘California Shake’ – Margo Guryan
Finally, someone getting real about California’s huge earthquake problem. The More You Know.

‘When I Laugh’ – The Glands
I had the luxury of meeting Ross Shapiro about a year before he passed away. An amazing guy and a brilliant songwriter. This song says it all.

‘Alone’ – Colin Newman
Time to admit it… ‘Buffalo Bill’ from Silence of the Lambs has rad taste in music! While ‘Goodbye Horses’ is for “man-gina dancing,” ‘Alone’ is just for chilling and painting your scalp collection.

‘Don’t Bring Harry’ – The Stranglers
GUYS… I think “Harry” is slang for drugs!

‘Shadows’ – Malignus Youth
Crazy shit. It’s like if The Turtles were on Discord.

‘Fly’ – J.K. & Co
When I first heard this I was tripping balls and thought everything sounded normal. When the drugs wore off,  I realized that this song is insane and the piano line is backwards!

‘Poor Moon’ – Canned Heat
Are they called, “Canned Heat,” because it sounds like the singer is a can of beans? Also, did Glenn Danzig write these lyrics?

‘Track A: Solo Dancer’ – Charles Mingus
Charlie Mingus, such nimble fingers, dropping the bass all over the place.

‘Man Next Door’ – The Paragons
My favorite song on ‘Mezzanine’ was Massive Attack’s cover of this tune. The original is even better.

‘Lovers Never Say Goodbye’ – The Flamingos
There is something so spooky and wild about the Flamingos arrangements. Goth Doo-Wop.

‘Jungle Line’ – Joni Mitchell
Those horns! Yikes! It’s Joni, baby.

‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ – The Space Lady
A street performer from Boulder, Colorado who wore a pasta strainer as a hat and made songs like this? YES PLEASE!

‘Smokies’ – Barefoot Jerry
If you can hear this song and NOT walk around like Jar Jar Binks, I will give you $100.

‘(Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rockstar’ – Bill Wyman
A completely obnoxious song written by an enormous asshole.