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Summer is HERE, so we went ahead and asked some of our favorite musicians to give us a rundown of their favorite songs for summertime! Our sixth installment of 2017 comes from WILD RIVERS; the band is set to play NYC’s Rockwood Stage 2 TONIGHT (7.11) and DC’s Songbyrd Music House Friday (7.14), and they were kind enough to hook us up with another solid batch of hot weather jams for satiation in the meantime. (Picks up top, playlist down below.) Ch-ch-ch-check that out, and be sure to hit up Rockwood for the gig tonight!

Electric Love – Børns
This song is just so damn happy – the kind that is great to blast in your headphones while you’re walking down the street in on a sunny day. I saw Børns perform last summer at Wayhome Music & Arts festival near Toronto, and it was such a great show! – Devan

The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala  
This song came out the summer after I graduated university in 2015. It was a significant summer because I was going through lots of  life changes. Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’  was my jam throughout that summer. This is my favourite song from the album because its more groovy and upbeat – Devan

Golden Days – Whitney 
Last June, we went on a tour of Eastern Canada, shortly after Whitney’s album ‘Light Upon The Lake’ had come out. We blasted it the whole tour, and still do! It’s a collective band favourite, and will always remind me of that summer ’16 tour! It’s the perfect sound track for a road trip.

Walking On A Dream – Empire Of The Sun 
This song has so much nostalgic value for me! I first heard during summer break in high school in 2008 – the laid-back, dreamy synth tones remind me of a carefree summers day.

Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac
Another great driving song! Perfect soundtrack to a scenic road trip. We are all huge Fleetwood Mac fans, and this song in particular has a summer vibe because of the upbeat guitar picking.

Lil Wayne – A Milli
I was a camp counselor for a few summers in High School. The guy I car pooled with blasted this every time we drove into camp. It startled the parents dropping off their kids, and got me fired up for the day. I always laugh when I hear it now.  – Andrew

Washed Out – It All Feels Right
The lushest thing I have ever heard. Wonderfully breezy tropical vibes. Lushest is a word.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Wet Sand
Summer of ’06, my mom walked in on me air guitar soloing to this on the floor in my room. You can’t blame me, it’s an epic summer jam. – Andrew

Calvin Harris & Frank Ocean – Slide
My current summer favourite. It gets me moving every time.

The 59th Street Bridge Song – Simon & Garfunkel
Try going for a walk with this song, I promise it will quickly turn into a jaunt, or a skip, or a gallivant.

Unbelievers – Vampire Weekend
This song is so carefree and upbeat, it reminds me of the first night of the summer, looking forward to the season.

King of Carrot Flowers – Neutral Milk Hotel 
Use this tune to star in your own summer indie film, channel your inner Ellen Page or Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Leave the Night On – Sam Hunt
Old news but a bonafide summer party banger.

Every Time the Sun Goes Up – Sharon Van Etten
Step into your old cadillac and cruise into the sunset with this slow burning gem.