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Zuli is yet another young artist to have emerged from the burgeoning psychedelic rock scene in Long Island. Part of a larger collaborative of multimedia artists that refer to themselves as CON TEMPLATE, Zuli’s brand of warm, hopeful guitar-driven pop marries complex textures with bright tones.

With a voice reminiscent of an early-days Ben Folds, and jangly, open guitar riffs, Zuli’s lead single “Follow You” is a portrait in contrasts: a snapshot of a life in transition and weighty decisions wrapped in technicolor hues.

Between Zuli’s brand of baroque pop and that of sibling duo The Lemon Twigs – also from the area – you could assume there’s something in the water in Long Island that’s fostering these great revivalist bands. Check out the song and keep an eye out for his debut album On Human Freakout Mountain, due out at the end of October.

Zuli’s Freakout Mountain: a halloween release show is October 28 at Murmrr Ballroom in Brooklyn.