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You’re feeling stressed by another long week. Time is moving agonizingly slow, and you’re in need of excitement. Don’t fear: we’ve got just the cure. With a style similar to Grateful Dead and the grooviest rockers of the 60s, Michael Michael Motorcycle is here to transport you into an alternate universe filled with crazy hair, peace and love, and his new single, “Tony Telephone”.

“Tony Telephone” by San Francisco based Michael Michael Motorcycle, is a song for the rockers. Its searingly beautiful bridge and encapsulating drum beat feels reminiscent of nostalgic memories of moshing with the band, of films like Almost Famous, and road trips with the crew. It’s for the left behind, the outcasts, and the punk rockers. It’s for you.

Here’s what songwriter Michael Pannone has to say about it: “This song is the first single off our upcoming ep, Scam Likely, which is loosely based on the television show The Sopranos. My hope’s to agitate HBO in some way with this release, and hopefully provoke a deeper explanation from them on what exactly happened to Tony.”

Like what you hear? Check out more Michael Michael Motorcycle on Soundcloud and read a little more about the song below!

About the song: 
Recorded October 2019 at Tiny Telephone San Francisco
Produced by Jacob Winik and Michael Angelo Pannone

Michael Pannone- songwriter, guitar and main vocal
Greg Moye- drums and high harmony
Jono Clay- bass and low harmony
Max Gustafson-  Lead Guitar