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  1. Thank you for clicking on this (I feel like we don’t say that enough) and 2. We’re so excited to premiere a new song by D.C.’s very own Lotion Princess! We have been listening to the track “Think Of Me” since Lotion Princess sent it our way and we honestly cannot stop.

It’s a dreamy indie pop track that builds in to a crescendo that makes you want to close your eyes and lose your mind. This is the kind of song you want playing in your head when you dive headfirst into the weekend. This is the kind of song that would pair really well with rolling the car windows down during a very long night time road trip. This is a song made for dancing with your friends.

So make your life a little better and press play! Sorry in advance, but this song is going to be stuck in your head all day.

Want to know more about the self described “queer hypnotic indie-pop group” that is Lotion Princess? Check out their latest EP here, catch them at DC9 on March 11 for their single release party and keep an eye out for more good tunes coming your way.