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We’ve all got songs that seem to heal us. A cure for your tired mind amidst global exhaustion comes a cover of the 80’s classic, Jackson Browne’s “These Days” by Taali. After years of vocal cord issues, culminating in a surgery and being unable to sing herself, Taali is a symbol of strength. With celestial vocals that will soothe your deepest fears and intertwined synthesizers to rock you like a baby, Taali transports the listener to a pastel-colored universe.

“I think it’s the closest I’ve come to objective musical truth… I have now lived inside and outside of the song, and couldn’t not cover it. I’m grateful to have it both to listen to and to sing … a modern day musician’s prayer,” says Taali on her experience covering the song.

“These Days” is perfect for our cultural moment. Its searingly beautiful bridge hits you like the sound of wind chimes on a sunny day. The song feels reminiscent of summer mornings, bathing in the light of better times, and being wrapped in the comforting embrace of a loved one.

The song comes to us off of Taali’s “Were You Busy Writing Your Heart Out?” EP, out May 15. Check out more Taali on her record label, Rainbow Blonde.