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We’re pleased to premier Incredible Change‘s brand new single “Montreal Is An Island”. We had them at last years Super Sampler and they were a goddamn blast, so be sure to check them out at the Art Museum of the Americas Art After Dark fundraiser on Thursday!

Now get ready for some sweet sweet synth pop.

From the band, “Montreal is indeed an island, connected, but still separated by some divide. Somehow we end up in unexpected spots, like Montreal on the 4th of July. We go back to places we’ve been before with friends we haven’t seen for years, and fall right back into our usual going-on’s. Waking up something inside, stirring you to stay up late, just like we used to.

Making this song required some flight – we all lived in DC, but Sarah Stevenson had moved to LA. We’d already written the song, but still needed to record her vocals. So Greg Balleza went to LA, and recorded her where she was working at the time, Henson Studios. From there we produced the song. A fair bit of nostalgia made up of highs and lows went into the crafting of the song.”