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Chances are that unless you live in Australia, you probably haven’t heard of Erthlings – and fairly so. The band only has a handful of tracks available, have yet to tour internationally, and remained unsigned until recently. But there’s a reason they drew the attention of Australian super-indie label Future Classic: their songs are dreamy, airy bedroom anthems with enough substance to beg for repeated listenings. Lead singer Issy sings with clarity and conviction, and the rest of the band – Jessame, Taylor and Lissa, all friends since childhood – create sonic landscapes that amplify her vocal talents.

Lead single “Returning” is a gorgeous guitar-led ballad that tells a tale of heartbreak in real time, and serves as the opening salvo for their debut EP, Indigo – out tomorrow, September 20, on Future Classic. The song has hints of Feist and Clairo (an act the group previously opened for) and it’s clear where their influences are coming from.

Keep an eye out for Erthlings. I’ve got a feeling they’re Australia’s next big thing.