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I hope you have off work today. I mean, I always hope you have off work today because working is a scam and we should spend the rest of our lives pursuing our hobbies and dreams away from the nightmare hellscape that is a 9 to 5 (or a 5 to 9 depending on what you have going on), but I especially hope you have off today so you can blast this song in your bedroom / kitchen / car / headphones and dance your little heart out.

fakelife’s “Drugs All Night” is made for euphoric dancing and all day (into the night) partying. It sounds like your dream weekend, fun and flirty and never ending. Press play on this beautiful baby and make this Monday feel like a Friday.

But don’t just take my word on it, here’s what fakelife / Matt Couchois has to say about the single: “Drugs All Night was a song that came very quickly and seemed to fall from the sky. It’s a song about finding yourself wrapped up in a new and exciting relationship that seems to explode and die out just as quickly. I’ve always wanted to write a song about this specific feeling but I also wanted the production of the song to feel just as urgent and frantic. Love is something us artists talk about a lot but not as often is the whirlwind relationships that have nothing to do with love and leave us just as quickly as they found us.”

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