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So, I’ll bite. I bit into some bit of internet crapshooting every week. Last night, as I am getting off the Dupont metro, en route to dinner and Jose Gonzalez, I run into Kat. And we hug and do the whole “what’s going down?” bit and she says….(I am paraphrasing)

“Dude, did you see that GIANT (but insane) byline in the Post today about Reed Landry (the man responsible for bringing us LNS) breaking Liz’s camera (Liz Glover, Wonkette’s videographer and all around cool-as-a-cucumber lady)?”

And I was like: well, I read something on Wonkette about it. Is it a big deal?

Kat: I mean, if you get a quarter page with photos on the second page of The Post, I guess it is.

Me: People are ridiculous.

Kat: Yes they are.

So then I get home and realize that people while ridiculous do have time to type up stuff like this.
In short, Liz and Reed meet not-so-cute at “Washington Life’s The Young and The List Party” (Trip is still filled with sadness he didn’t make it, fyi), she is taking photos with her barbie polaroid. He disapproves. He apparently smashes her camera (the truly sad part here being that I got reminded of polaroid not making polaroids any mroe. He also then proceeds to be mean to her and to Angela Valdez (who wrote that City Paper Article about LNS) and so on and so forth.

What we learned:
-people don’t like their photo taken (with a Barbie polaroid)
-Reed Landry is (quite possibly) not nice (shocking!)
Washington Post’s Reliable Source is becoming a little desperate due to the lack of actual celebrity gossip in DC.
-apparently, so are we?

As Wonkette said:
What next, a major motion picture?
(or, at least a reality tv show)

Welcome to your Thursday kids.
Be nice to your photographers today.