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All words and photos by: Dakota Fine

Full photoh-oh-oh set here.

WE had some fun Wednesday night at Civilian Art Projects. YOU should have been there. What started out as a photo shoot with Mr. PWRFL Power himself (aka Kaz) turned into a U.S. Royalty portrait session, and then creepy old drunk guys salivate over Alex-fest (Jetton not included, at least, in the salivation part). Oh, and some music. They played instruments, mostly guitars, and sang into microphones, loudly.

Kaz is weird. He carries his toothbrush with him everywhere, because he’s esoteric and Japanese. That is all.


DF08_9.24_Jam@Civilian-3 DF08_9.24_Jam@Civilian-3

John loves the camera. But that’s alright, the camera loves him too. Can you say album cover? We’ll have to talk.


DF08_9.24_Jam@Civilian-5 DF08_9.24_Jam@Civilian-5

Fernando Batista, pictured right is the owner of the Knew Gallery (or so he told me)… he and his super-drunk patron friend were allowed to take pictures only after super-drunk friend agreed to unzip his fly. Jeff jumped right in, I think he was feeling left out. Alex bent them both over and faux butt-humped them both after this picture was taken, but my camera jammed, phooey!


DF08_9.24_Jam@Civilian-6 DF08_9.24_Jam@Civilian-6

Kaz is apparently a classically trained guitarist. He certainly plays like one. It ain’t no Skynard, that’s for sure.


Apes got into it. The light in that room sucked my balls. I got out of it, and went to bed. They play WAAAAY too loud for my layman ears.


DF08_9.24_Jam@Civilian-17 DF08_9.24_Jam@Civilian-15

I can’t get these pictures to line up normally, so I’m leaving them just like this… I kinda like them that way.



Kaz’s Grandma sews “sponges,” which he sells at his shows apparently… I mean, that’s pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.



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