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The moon is going to block the sun for a little bit and people are loosing their minds. Despite the fact that we won’t actually be able to see the whole thing in D.C. (NPR has a fun little map that proves it) we know our readers will take any excuse to eat, drink and revel on a Monday. We’re the same. Below is all of the freebies and specials we could find in D.C. Throw on your witchiest garb and warm up your Instagram finger, things are about to get weird.

Eclipse Viewing @ National Air and Space Museum

Of course the Air and Space Museum is doing something for the eclipse. If they didn’t, we would assume something has gone terribly, horribly wrong. Swing by the museum to check out the solar telescopes, grab some free eclipse glasses and learn how to make your very own pinhole viewer. They’ll also be live streaming it for those of you who can’t get out of your office / are worried looking at the sun is going to burn away your eyes, etc.

Free Solar Eclipse Glasses @ Warby Parker

Speaking of ruining your vision for the rest of your life, your favorite millennial approved glasses company is giving out free eclipse glasses. They’ll also teach you how to make a safe pinhole projector on their website, but if you’re nearby a store, we recommend stopping by for some sweet glasses.

Eclipse Exhibit @ National Archives

On the day of the eclipse, the Archives will be busting out all of the eclipse relate ephemera they have, so you can take a trip into the past and see what happened in D.C. the last time there was an eclipse. There will be photos of the eclipse, pictures of presidents looking at eclipses and old time-y devices used to view the eclipse without destroying your eyeballs. History is fun.



Solar Eclipse Shake @ Lincolns Bar-B-Que

Need something to feast on while you stare at the sky? Lincolns BBQ has your back with an over top and possibly heart attack inducing milkshake. Made with chocolate ice cream, the rim of the glass is then covered with chocolate sprinkles and orange M&M’s (chocolate frosting is used as the glue because of course). Then the shake is topped with what looks like an entire can of whipped cream then a circular ice cream sandwich the size of my fist (I have a small fist, but still) that’s been rolled in yellow sprinkles. It’s a lot.

Solar Eclipse Viewing @ DNV Rooftop & Radiator

If you want to have a few boozy drinks while you watch the moon block out the sun, make your way over to the DNV Rooftop or Radiator (depending on what you’re in the mood for). Both of them will have their rooftop decks open and will be serving up happy hour specials. Just don’t get too drunk and accidentally take your glasses off. Seriously. Don’t do that.

Eclipse Viewing @ National Zoo

Swing by the most magical place in D.C. to catch the most magical event of the summer. From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. the Zoo will open their Pachyderm Plaza and allow people to use their solar telescopes to view the eclipse. They will also be passing out eclipse-safe glasses. Do you think the animals notice when an eclipse is happening? I hope they don’t get spooked.

SKY TV @ Hirshhorn

If you’re looking to get weird with the eclipse, the Hirshhorn staff invites you to swing by the museum and view the eclipse through one of Yoko Ono’s artworks. SKY TV is a TV screen on the third floor that broadcasts a live feed of the sky 24/7. Yoko created in when she lived in an apartment without windows, which truly sounds gross and terrible and now I feel less bad about living in a cramped group house.