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We began the Dream Jukebox series in 2015. I picked 50 albums perfect for a 100 CD jukebox and had 50 artists and writers I like pick 50 albums. We published entries 00-49 of Volume 2. Soft Science continues entries 50-99.

54 Soft Science Maps

No band likes to be compared to other bands but as soon as I heard “Undone” by Soft Science, I thought I was listening to the new My Bloody Valentine. This is a very high compliment. The band makes shiny, poppy shoegaze that doesn’t sound weighed down. You’ll nod your head and start playing air drums by the chorus.

The rest of the album isn’t as heavy but it’s just as poppy. The vocals on “Diverging” have a The Go-Go’s feel and the music has the vibe of the band below…

Soft Science’s Pick

55 The Jesus and Mary Chain Darklands 

The Jesus and Mary Chain (JAMC) Darklands is one of our favorite albums. If you have never heard this masterpiece, you should stop what you are doing right now and sink into its noisy, melancholy, melodic bliss. Darklands is JAMC is at their absolute finest; lyrics with thematic black vivid imagery, a sweet range of dancey and slow songs; each with melodies that stick in your head long after this perfect 10 song album is over. Big noisy pop songs like “Happy When it Rains” and “Down on Me” somehow magically ebb and flow with the minimalist slowness of tracks like “Deep One Perfect Morning” and “About You.” Jim Reid’s mysterious deep voice harmonizes beautifully with his brother William’s, like a modern Everly Brothers. Together their vocals float on top a swirling mix of clean and noisy guitars, and their signature drum machine. You can hear 60s influences like The Beach Boys, Velvet Underground, and Doo Wop mixed with noisy punk like elements. Put through the JAMC filter, they created their own unique sound that has influenced numerous bands, including us. So, sit back, relax, and let JMAC take your ‘chaotic soul’ to the Darklands.

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