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When Coby George invited me to come to the soft opening of Sticky Rice (NE DC’s newest gem) last week, she described it as inexpensive Asian fusion. I went there not knowing what to expect. Despite its immediate proximity to Rock n Roll Hotel (another venue Coby and hubby Jason Martin have lent their Midas touch to) I had not yet caught a glimpse of the space. Given the inauspicious description, upon walking into the exposed brick, penthouse vibe, turn on your red lights, throw some Rashomon up on the video screen, hang parasols from the ceiling magic that is STICKY RICE, my pleasant surprise was totally authentic.


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The house was packed. Management opened doors for the first time on Thursday night to friends and family, offering everything on their menu half off for the night, the kitchen was working hard. Despite the fact that it was the first night of business, and the place was slammed, the food came up with pace, and hit on all cylinders. Notably, the sushi and the fresh fish from the raw bar was spectacular. However, I have to mention the chicken wings as well, which were fried to perfection. Buckets of tots (perhaps an appeal to the late night crowd?) were also of note, something you might not expect from a place serving up raw fish, but hey, what kind of American restaurant doesn’t serve some kind of deep fried potato?

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The gong behind the downstairs bar was put to good use, bartender Rebecca being potentially a future member of the National Symphony percussion section. Okay, and can I just say… there are phones in the bathrooms that connect to each other. All you have to do is pick one up and the one on the other end rings. Brilliant, endless entertainment. And although there was none on the menu, whale tail was spotted at Sticky Rice Thursday night, of the underwear variety.

Food was excellent. Check it out for yourselves, make your way down to 1224 H St and get a taste of Sticky Rice, DC’s newest treat.

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