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Society’s Cage is a new interpretive installation born in the aftermath of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor murders, and it’s set to debut on the National Mall at 12th Street and Madison Drive NW next week (on August 28th) to coincide with the March on Washington.

The pavilion features “a series of bars which are hung to form a cube with a cavernous void that symbolizes our imperfect society and justice system. The void is shaped by historical data and serves as a visual metaphor to represent the primary institutional forces of racism that embody the Black American experience.”

Inside the cube, visitors can expect emotive experiences, including an exercise that asks guests to hold their breath as long as they can to reflect on the death of George Floyd.

The installation was conceived and designed by a team of Black architects at SmithGroup, who “are working with the Architects Foundation to collect contributions and looking for donors invested in fighting for justice for Black lives, in uplifting the voices of Black artists and designers, and in bringing awareness to the historic continuum of anti-Black state violence. All funds raised beyond the total needed for the installation will go the Foundation’s Diversity Advancement Scholarships program.”

Society’s Cage will be open to the public August 28 – September 4, 2020.

All images via SmithGroup