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photos by Dakota Fine (make sure to click on smaller ones to enlarge)
all (brief) words by Svetlana

What did you do Thursday night? Well, if you were deemed staffer enough (or have a website and an excuse to take photos anywhere, as the case may be) you were invited and hopefully attended the National Journal’s launch for 3121, their new social networking website dedicated solely to congressional members and staff. The hulabaloo surrounding 3121 has been mounting for a couple of months now with everyone from The Gawker to us discussing it, and people seemed to love to hate it, hate to love it, and in general, act all DC about it. Having said that, we did find out that the launch itself went great and that they met their month’s projected membership rate of 500, in less than a day, so kudos to NJ for pulling it off. For now.

Now-onto the party details.

The cocktail event was held at the top floor of the Rotunda of the Ronald Reagan building which one would think would be easy enough to locate but Dakota and I managed to get lost several times, including busting in on a sit-down EPA black tie dinner by mistake beforehand. You can take the kids out of the Columbia Heights but you can’t take the Columbia Heights out of the kids, I guess.

The room was all aglow in constellation lights, the 3121 cocktail (as designed by Derek M. Brown) was flowing like water, with cherries on top, there was a “make your own cupcake topping” bar and everyone present was wearing either their work best or managed to slip out and change and show up after-C.O.B ready.

There were tables set up on the perimeter for the staffers to join the network (not being staffers, we did not join, but Erica America of CNN’s iReport, vouched to us that it is a great tool and that’s good enough for us), a photo booth for them to take their profile photos (which, after a couple of 3121 cocktails) turned into a  Capitol Hill equivalent of a BYT photo booth, proving once again that there is no human being in the world who does not love a profesional flash in their face, and everyone proceeded to network merrily into the wee hours of 9:30 pm when it was time to call it a night.

(p.s. for more details on 3121 go here: http://3121launch.nationaljournal.com/about/)

Dakota took some great photos, enjoy them now:


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DF09_9.17_3121-106 DF09_9.17_3121-107

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DF09_9.17_3121-113 DF09_9.17_3121-114 DF09_9.17_3121-115 DF09_9.17_3121-116

DF09_9.17_3121-117 DF09_9.17_3121-119 DF09_9.17_3121-118