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HAPPY SNOW DAY DAY-OF-NOT-GOING-TO-THE-OFFICE EVERYONE! It is going to be snowing at this intensity till about 4pm, and lets face it, sledding opportunities aside – that is a PERFECT EXCUSE to buckle down and watch some good, old-fashioned marathon TV.

Now, the new season of HOUSE OF CARDS is out of the game because: a. you’ve seen it already and b. it was actually pretty boring now that you think of it, and catching up on TRUE DETECTIVE is not necessary because WHO HAS NOT CAUGHT UP ON TRUE DETECTIVE YET? so, here are 5 handy TV rabbit holes and 5 great movie scenarios to dive into on your HULU/Instant Netflix/Amazon Prime and/or cable, I guess.

So, kick back, make yourself something to eat (EVEN IF THERE IS NOTHING LEFT IN THE HOUSE), pour some moisturizer over your winter tortured skin and lets dive in:


0. FIRST THINGS FIRST – read this whole MURDER MYSTERIES TO BINGE WATCH NOW story. It has everything in it and provides a satisfied-or-your-free-internet-money-back guarantee that you will never be bored again. From Twin Peaks to classics to mini-series to things you should be maybe watching instead of True Detective (The Fall, Top of The Lake, Broadchurch)-we have it all in there.


1. AMERICANS – Season 1 – FX’s Cold War-at-home drama is ruthless, heartbreaking and thrilling ALL AT ONCE. Season 2 is kicking off as we speak but the whole SEASON 1 is available for streaming on Amazon Prime . Watch if: you’re in the mood for sex, danger, and never thinking of Kerri Russell as Felicity again.


2. The Good Wife – Seasons 1-5 – Seasons 1 – 4 are available pretty much everywhere (Hulu, Amazon, Netflix etc), and season 5 is in full, delicious swing on cable. This is one of those shows that will become your streaming bread and butter: so well made, so funny (a fact that may come as a surprise to some of you) and brimming with both the best cameos on TV (Christina Ricci! Michael J. Fox! Amanda Peet! Martha Plimpton!) and an engaging-and-juicy-but-not-break-neck overall plotline that allows for semi-casual engagement.  BONUS: 14 years since Sports Night ended, Josh Charles is still pretty close to the ultimate smart girl crush. Watch if: you still sort of need to be doing some work today, albeit on your couch.


3. Bates Motel – Season 1 -the A&E Psycho prequel features two of the best performances happening on TV right now (courtesy of Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore), a plotline involving murder, sex rings and plenty of sex which you should not be excited by but sometimes are, and with Season 2 just starting, it is a great day to catch up on Season 1 which is on Instant Netflix as of last week. Watch if:  American Horror Story: Family Vacation sounds like a dream season to you.


4. Broad City – Season 1 – Ilana Glenzer and Abbi Jacobsen are the two best friends we always wish we had. There are a handful of episodes on Hulu, and all the Season 1 is on Xfinity-on-demand and I don’t even want to tell you why you will love it-YOU JUST WILL. Watch if:  today allows for some (Very light, we’ll keep things professional, I promise) recreational drug use and cake baking.


5. An Idiot Abroad  – Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send their (small minded, very sweet, very set-in-his-ways) friend Karl Pilkington around the world with hilarious, surprisingly poignant results. Since you’re stuck at home today, you may as well enjoy some of the world on your TV. Watch if: you like good shows. THIS IS A VERY GOOD SHOW.



1. Have yourself a Harold Ramis Marathon: Harold Ramis may have passed last week, but his legacy of laughter will live forever. Ghostbusters 1 and 2, as well as Baby Boom are available on Instant Netflix, and you already own Grounhog Day and Stripes, right? RIGHT. BONUS: this would be a perfect book-end with your Broad City immersion earlier on.


2. Bull Durham: The only thing better than a young Susan Sarandon movie on a cold day is a young Susan Sarandon + young Kevin Costner + young Tim Robbins movie on a snow day. Add sex, baseball, a crackling script and amazing off-the-shoulder fashion and we’re cooking with gas here.  Great follow ups also available on instant netflix: Thelma and Louise (DUH) and Igby Goes Down (fun fact: Jeff Goldblum is as good as a combo pack of Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins together, always)


3. Frances Ha + Tiny Furniture double header:  No need to explain why, you’re READING THIS SITE FOR CHRISSAKES. Great to mix in afterwards: some vintage Whit Stillman (Metropolitan is available on Instant Netflix) to whom both Dunham and Baumbach owe a lot.


4. Blue is the Warmest Color: 3 Hours, nubile lesbian sex (with feeling), and you. FRESHLY AVAILABLE ON INSTANT NETFLIX. Read our full review here.


5. Day-Ruiner Special: It is snowing and cold and this whole winter thing will (seemingly) never be over, so it is ok if you want to be a little depressed. A little depression is good for you. So, taking a cue from our GREAT MOVIES WE WILL NEVER WATCH AGAIN feature, dive into these gems available for streaming now and queue deletion RIGHT afterwards: The Piano Teacher, The War Zone, Dear Zachary AND The Act of Killing. Good luck you guys.


Now, tell us what you’re watching and see you on the other side…