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Labor Day, sadly, has come to a close. BUT, it means the beer-fest-to-end-all-beer-fests is only two weeks away! Snallygaster features more than 250 craft beers, live music (like !!! and Brett!), and more food than you could stuff your face with, all on September 13. VIP tickets SOLD OUT last week, so cop your discount tickets while they’re still available – remember, admission fees benefit Arcadia, a non-profit dedicated to sustainable food and agriculture education.


In the meantime, we’ve decided to make the MONSTROUS beer list (be warned folks, its a PDF) a little bit easier to peruse. It’s time to harken back to your youth and play something we like to call…



Please, no holding your fingers at the rear of your book / browser should you die (you won’t die… or will you?),  you should be 21+ to play (because you can come to Snallygaster if you’re under 21, but can’t drink, obviously), and take this extremely seriously because this shall decide your drinking fate (or don’t, but share it with your friends that are coming to the festival).


You saunter out of Rock Creek park down to your humble abode. What do you pick to quench your thirst?

* BEER *

* WINE *