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Considering that most DC area reality TV contestants seem to be better known for a. being bitches, b. being naked or c. being naked AND architecture students at Catholic it is certainly refreshing to see one of our local boys do good.


Tonight at 9, on Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” (for the unititiated, Gordon Ramsey’s answer to Top Chef but with more yelling and without Salman Rushdie’s ex wife) local chef Rahman “Rock” Harper, Executive Chef at B. Smith’s in Union Station, will be duking it out for the top prize.

Now, I don’t really watch food competition shows because:
a. you cannot taste what they made
b. they make me tremendeously hungry AND you cannot taste what they made
with one look at Rock’s competition (a blonde, wispy nanny/personal chef from LA-the land of no eating) it is very obvious that our man Rahman (it even rhymes!) is the front runner. I mean, it even has a ready-made pun catchphrase attached to its name already.


watch tonight at 9.
or attend the viewing B.Smith’s where ACTUALLY you can taste what “they” are making.

on that note,
is it lunch time yet?