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Becky Waddell is the Founder of Take Care Natural Spa, Skincare and Beauty Shop, and she’ll be joining us for with a series of expert skincare tips (which we could ALL use during these challenging times); today she’s giving us the rundown on alternatives to Botox in case you’ve considered it but decided it’s not up your street:

Between Instagram, quarantine and general existential anxiety, many people are finding themselves fixated on their skin. While a general desire to take care of this vital organ was on our minds prior to March, there has been a concerning shift from care to a fixation on flaws. Want your face to stop aging? Wish your face didn’t reflect the worry you feel about the future? 

“How about a little Botox?” your friend asks. “Wanna know my secret to perfect skin? Preventative Botox TM! Not a lot, just a little here and there…” shares your favorite 20 something influencer. And you start to think maybe I should, too. Not a lot, just a little – prevention is key, right? 

Without launching into a very long winded post, I want to urge you against dipping your toe into the world of Botox – especially so-called “Preventative Botox” – without serious investment into understanding the long-term financial and health implications. It is a monumental commitment (one that I believe is being irresponsibly ignored for marketing purposes) and for many, there is a wide range of less invasive and actually skin supportive options than Botox for a firm, toned and overall glowing complexion. Let me share with you three of those options:

  1.     Microcurrent facials. This little workout for your face muscles helps to visibly lift skin and smooth fine lines, and the best part is, it feels amazing! The esthetician uses a little machine with smooth metal balls at the end that emit a weak current that stimulate your muscles. The process involves gently stroking your face in lifting motions with a hydrating gel – honestly, you could fall asleep during it! 
  2.     Facial massage. Whether it’s at home or with a trained esthetician, face massage helps keeps things flowing and glowing. Between tools like a gua sha stone, your hands, and methods like Manual Lymphatic Drainage, face massage has been shown to help the skin appear more toned, lifted and vibrant. And, it offers an opportunity to relax – it’s even meditative. 
  3.     The right skincare for you. Do not discount the power of an efficacious and supportive skincare routine! If your lines are accentuated, your skin is dull or in general you are feeling unsatisfied with the state of your skin, work with a trusted skin professional to help guide you to products that better suit your needs, goals and lifestyle.

There is no shame in your skincare decisions! Whatever you decide on should make you feel empowered. But I often hear women ask, “Should I try this serum or just give up and go for the Botox?” as if injections are an inevitable obligation for otherwise normal and manageable skin. The truth is, there are a multitude of options available to help you achieve glowing and supple skin, many of which will serve you in so many other ways beyond your complexion. 

You deserve to expect more of your skincare than just nice skin. You also deserve to not feel an obligation to Botox just because you are a human that ages. So, I invite you to re-envision your personal care and skin routines so they really meet your needs and preferences, as well as support your overall wellness and connection to yourself. 

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