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The Boston Red Sox and Airbnb are teaming up for an excellent, why-didn’t-this-happen-before promotion. One lucky couple will spend the night in Fenway Park and then hang out with Curt Schilling before a game. It’s a dream for any Red Sox fan. As of now there are no plans for special D.C. Airbnb promotions. There should be. We asked our Hidden In Plain Sight columnist Jonny Grave for some places he’d like to Airbnb D.C.

The Tayloe House/Octagon Museum

Who doesn’t want to spend a night in one of Washington D.C.’s most haunted spots? This home was designed by an exorbitantly wealthy family, and was the venue for some of Dolley Madison’s most exclusive parties after the Brits burned the District to the ground. The bedrooms and sitting rooms were restored to their late-18th Century glory, although missing most of the original furniture. It’s also well-known in the haunt communities for being rife with ghost stories. Read more about it here.


The District War Memorial

Easily the least-noticed memorial on the Mall. You’ve likely passed by it, going from the Lincoln Memorial to Dr. King’s. The District War Memorial is a small (by comparison to the rest of the memorials), Doric-style temple, with the 26,000 names of District residents who served in the Great War. Technically, you could spend the night there, but the accommodations would be lacking.

The Folger Shakespeare Library

Brunching with the Bard, anyone? Imagine spending a night with not just the largest collection of Shakespeare’s work, but also manuscripts from guys like Walt Whitman and Mark Twain. Granted, spending a night inside a library might get slightly uncomfortable, but anyone who’s gone through law school should already know how to sleep at a reading desk.

Eastern Market

One of the oldest markets in the District, a central hub on the weekends for tourists and citizens alike, an unwieldy amount of produce, and lots of natural light. There is very little not to love about waking up here. On the downside, you’ll likely have to wake up when the merchants arrive. On the upside, there’s Blueberry Buckwheat pancakes…

The House of the Temple

Spend the night in a tomb! Modeled after the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the House of the Temple is where the governing body of the Southern jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite sits. Take a tour, and do what Dan Brown never could– get a good idea of what Freemasonry’s all about. You can read more about the temple here.


The Anderson House

Here’s one you actually can spend a night in. The Anderson House was built by Larz and Isabelle Anderson, one of the District’s first modern power couples. During his roving, diplomatic missions all over the world, Larz brought back loads of treasures, most of which still decorate the house. The home was later turned into a museum, and donated to the Society of the Cincinnati, who still use it as their headquarters. You can become a member, and sleep there too! Provided you’re a male direct descendant of an officer who fought for either the French or Americans during the Revolutionary War. More here.