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The countdown to BYT’s annual Pride party (get your tickets now) continues! May 31st is JUST NINE DAYS AWAY, and we’re more pumped than ever to party with you in the most beautiful courtyard in D.C. The one and only Aquaria (who you definitely know from the Met Gala and Drag Race and, you know, every social media platform of all time) will be present in all her full glory, plus the tunes are gonna be fire, the NYE theme implies plenty of making out (at least that’s my takeaway…), plus there’s an open bar!

And what better to soak up that inevitable hangover than with a good old fashioned fried chicken sandwich??? (Yes, this is me segueing into how we can throw Chick-fil-A in the garbage where it belongs!)

In case you had forgotten, Chick-fil-A is the actual worst; the homophobic chain notoriously donates to groups that oppose same-sex marriage, and AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. So where are you gonna get your fried chicken sandwich fix instead? Don’t worry, we’ve got six insanely delicious DC area spots that are far more deserving of your money.

Stomping Ground

Few things are greater than a biscuit done right, with the exception of fried chicken on a biscuit done right. And Stomping Ground seriously delivers in this arena. For $11 you can go with either the Classic Style (ft. pimento cheese, HELL YEAH, and house pickles) or the Not So Classic Style (ft. benne seed tahini, our hot sauce, honey, red onion and za’atar), both of which are served on a (I repeat: done right) buttermilk biscuit.

Astro Doughnuts

Donuts speak to me on a spiritual level, so it comes as no surprise that Astro Doughnuts is basically a religious experience. And in my humble opinion, their chicken sandwich is THE HOLY GRAIL. Now, I know a lot of you killjoys are all, “Fried chicken? On a DONUT?! Yuck dot com!”, and to that I say CALM DOWN, there are more traditional bread vessels (aka a cheddar biscuit) that you can choose. But if you ask me, it’s GOTTA be the Old Bay donut (served after 11:30am). Whether or not you agree, there are plenty of ways to customize a sandwich (clocking in at between about $6-$10) to your own liking, and I AM HERE FOR ALL OF IT.

Due South

At $17, this one is the priciest of our recommendations, AND it’s only available at brunch, but man is it HECKIN’ GOOD. Served open-face, you’ve got your buttermilk biscuit and fried chicken, plus Nashville hot sauce, fried eggs, D.S. B&B pickles, Alabama white sauce AND a side of home fries. Food coma is inevitable, but SO WORTH IT. In our 2018 sandwich guide, Diana Metzger wrote, “Sometimes too much of a good thing can go wrong, but this sandwich is not the case.” (She also votes you ask for a side of hot honey for dipping purposes.) In sum, get your face outta bed this weekend and experience the majesty for yourself.

Right Proper

The $13 Southern Fried Chick-Filet at Right Proper is, well, right proper; perfectly crispy chicken comes served with Boursin cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato on brioche bun. The name of the sandwich itself is a p. great fuck you to Chick-fil-A, not to mention the fact that the taste far exceeds the homophobic fast food franchise, so Right Proper, WE SALUTE YOU!

via Right Proper

Shake Shack

THIS JUST IN: you do not have to stick to the burger menu for a mind-blowing experience at Shake Shack! Their fried chicken sandwich is a thing of simplistic beauty – crispy chicken breast, lettuce, pickles ‘n buttermilk herb mayo served on a classic Shake Shack bun, all for $6.99. Sign me up immediately.

via Shake Shack

NuVegan Cafe

And finally, for those of you of the plant-based persuasion, NuVegan Cafe makes a mean fried “chick’n” sandwich. They’re able to work their magic with the help of soy protein for an end result that’s crispy, juicy and as close to the real thing as you’re gonna get. (And at just $8.50, it’s some serious value.)

via HappyCow