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Having gone through seven years at a sleep away camp, two years at a theater camp, and 3 years as a camp counselor, I am something of a camp savant, if I do say so myself. And much of what I’ve learned as a camper and counselor I have found to be helpful as an adult!

To prepare you for our upcoming End-Of-Summer Camp after hours party, we’ve asked some of our real camp counselor friends for their best pieces of advice for both on and off the campsite.

Write to your parents.
At my camp, we were supposed to write to our parents three times a week. This is good advice for everyone, even beyond your parents. Stay in touch with your loved ones! Not everyone has the ability to put the effort in, so do it yourself.


It’s just a week of your life, it’ll be over soon.
Yes, your counselor told you this when you were crying in your bunk late at night because you missed your parents, however it also applies to being an adult. That thing that feels insurmountable? It won’t last forever, so just keep going – it’ll be over soon.

Beads don’t go there.
Generally good advice for kids, but like, I don’t know your life so just use your best judgement.

Your parents/adults/guardians are not always right.
This was a big one with campers – and with adults. Remember that they are humans too, and they don’t know everything, despite what they might say (or loudly insist).

Hydrate or die-drate.
Drink water. Always. If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Drink water constantly throughout the day – take care of yourself.

For major life decisions, ask yourself how 8-year-old you and 80-year-old you would feel about it. If they’re both cheering you on, go for it.
Imagine the future, sage version of you and use their knowledge. Remember the unabashed, childlike excitement of your young self. Combine them both and live your best life. 

Did this give you that itch to go back to camp? Well, you’re in luck –
grab your tickets now to join us on Friday, September 20 for End-Of-Summer Camp. Tickets are going fast and the end of summer is coming faster – make sure to get your tickets before they’re gone!

End-Of-Summer Camp
Friday, September 20th 2019
Smithsonian American Art Museum
800 G ST NW Washington DC 20004