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As a promotion for The Singles Club: A Britpop Dance Party at DC9 this Saturday night, DJ Heartbreak Beat and DJ William Alberque thought we’d give some suggestions for singles for every occasion.

  • The Occasion: You’re feeling down and need to buck yourself up.

The Single: National Express by the Divine Comedy

Maybe it’s the horns?  Maybe it’s Neil Hannon’s voice?  Maybe it’s the line, “but it’s hard to get by, when your ass is the size, of a small countreeeeeeeeeee and everybody goes ba ba ba ba ba ba ba, ba.”  Yeah, I think that’s why.

  • The Occasion: Sitting on the bus next to someone you find attractive.

The Single: There Is a Light that Never Goes Out

Call us clichéd, but we’re hoping for the day when our own Zooey Deschanel interrupts our commuting bliss to comment that she likes the Smiths, too.  Of course, (500) Days of Summer ended badly, but that won’t stop us, oh no.

  • The Occasion: You just fell in love.

The Single: 100,000 Fireflies by Magnetic Fields


For such a cynical man, Stephin Merritt writes unspeakably lovely and romantic songs.  From the dimestore percussion to the gorgeously vulnerable vocals of Susan Anway, this song makes me feel love.

  • The Occasion: You’re been dumped.

The Single: Since K Got Over Me by the Clientele

Few songs capture the feeling (“everything seems so lucid and so creepy, since K got over me”) quite as exquisitely as this masterful song.  It makes us feel sad and hopeful at the same time (see also, Breathless’ incomparable “Help Me Get Over It.”

  • The Occasion: You’re ready to fall in love again.

The Single: Lloyd, I Am Ready to Be Heartbroken by Camera Obscura


You haven’t learned your lesson, but then again, you never will.  This jaunty Scottish number will have you back on your feet and making passes at strangers on the dance floor in no-time flat.

  • The Occasion: Convincing your friend to come over for the pre-club party.

The Single: Come Out 2nite by Kenickie


At The Singles Club we love girl singers fronting Britpop bands; and Kenickie is one of the best. This is a song about a pack of girls going out and having a rather savage good time out.  Inspiring.

  • The Occasion: Pregame before the dance party!

The Single: I Walk the Earth by King Biscuit Time

This single by a Beta Band side project is exactly what’s needed to get everyone in the mood to go dance.  The simple beat walks you through the awkward pre-dancing jitters and reminds you dancing is fun (and that even you can do it).

  • The Occasion: You’re going out.

The Single: We’re Going Out by Spearmint


Kind of obvious, this one.  It’s 2000, Will Eastman is DJing Bliss at Metro Café, it’s about 10:30, and this is exactly what you need to rally the troops and get out the door.

  • The Occasion: You need to relax after a night out (or just a stressful day).

The Single: Protection (The Eno Mix) by Massive Attack

Massive Attack at their best, drawing you in with a comforting beat and promising to keep you safe. As the listener unwinds, Tracy Thorn and the ‘Attack keep the bad ‘uns at bay and the thunderstorm sooths your cares away.