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In a bit of BYT urban legend lore, before I even had a computer to call my own, I met William Alberque when he was DJing at DC9. I’m pretty sure I came over to request “Disco 2000” and he kindly acted as if that wasn’t the most predictable request at a brit-pop dance party ever. Now years later, I have both a computer and this website, know better than to request songs I know the DJ is already going to play, William writes for us (some of the most amazing, impassioned music reviews you’ll read ever, really) and a bajillion great dance nights (Razzmatazz, Lipstick etc) later he has another new dance party @ DC9 this Saturday and so we asked him to walk us through “10 essential Singles for the Club”. ENJOY:

1. Jarvis Cocker – Pulp’s Babies – Jarvis is the ultimate face of a night like this, with his poise and insouciance. I never get tired of the adrenaline and adolescent elements of this song.


2. Robyn – Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend– We love the sharp report of an electro beat, and we love our girls honest, if a touch mad.

3. Morrissey – the Smiths’ William It Was Really Nothing– Stephen Patrick is a posterboy for TSC, and who could resist his song about Billy Liar?


4. Kate Jackson – the Long Blondes’ You Could Have Both
– In their all-to-brief career, the Long Blondes epitomized, nay, regenerated Britpop with the gorgeous and salacious Kate seducing all the boys (and most of the girls).

5. Miki Beryeni – Lush’s Single Girl – Too obvious to discuss. Embrace it.

6. Bernard Sumner – New Order’s Age of Consent– Sophia Coppola’s otherwise pear-shaped film had a promo with the opening notes of this sonic wonder played over the visual of galloping horses. So there’s the song, at least (skip the film).  And what a song.

7. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- Heart in Your Heartbreak – If Robert Smith was younger and let the aforementioned Mozzer write his lyrics, their output might sound very much like this.  TPOBPAH have a love of the past without simply copying it.  Also, we love bands that love vinyl, and the Pains are always tempting us with another tale of love on wax.

8. Brett Anderson – Suede’s Trash – Never has dissolution sounded so seductive. Androgynous, sexy, and louche, your either in the gang or you’re out. Decide.

9. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – The Beat That My Heart Skipped– Pips spoken word intro speaks for itself then Le Sac’s blinding beats swoop in to carry you out to the dancefloor.  Plus we love anyone who knows not to question Stephen Fry (see also: Thou Shalt Always Kill).

10. Florrie- Left Too Late
– A friend of ours got us into Florrie.  She could easily be the next Robyn or Annie.  Produced by Fred Falke and the team at Xenomania she has commanded the dancefloor at many of our nights.  Don’t leave it too late…