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ok so,

from what i hear its been 4 years since the sounds released their debut album.

i personally have not heard it.

but i may now.

so-4 years and 35 minutes of music later

they have

the reigning scene dance queen

LoveLeigh from the Misshapes

on the CD cover,

the have Blondie Hooks all over the place

they have a video for “Song with a mission”

filmed in Cuba.

oh and did I mention they are Swedish and Maja Iverson

looks like a punked out Cerys Matthews,

and sounds almost as roary.

the kids may not be the most original thing around

( who is?)


yep…the kids are cool.

the kids are allright

and the kids will have you jumping on your couch left right and center

while your roommate sprays glitter on you.

and if you don’t have a roommate,

dammit The Sounds will probably step outside their cd sleeve

and glitter you up.

own this.

i DON’T really care how.