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all words: Philippe Chetrit.

We love sandwiches- so much so that I would probably have sex with them. I’m pretty sure there are other of sandwich perverts out there so I thought thought I’d start a series where we can detail all our SILFs– Sandwiches (we) I’d Like to Fuck.

Today we tackle the Chivito.

The Sandwich: The Chivito: Tenderloin, mozzarella, black forest, bacon, green olives, hard boiled eggs, escabeche, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a soft roll.

The Place: Fast Gourmet (14th & W next to the gas station)

Have you ever discovered something so perfect that you are afraid to tell anyone, cause just maybe, you would put your perfect discovery at risk. What I have come to realize is that by not telling anyone, I have put my perfect sandwich at greater risk.

3 weeks ago Fast Gourmet opened up in the back of a gas station Quicky Mart on the corner of 14th and W. It’s my perfect sandwich shop:

  1. The signage is dim.
  2. You have to huff some gasoline fumes just to get in.
  3. The food hurts so good
  4. Its open almost all the time.
  5. Their bathroom is dope.

Fast Gourmet is run by 2 Uruguayan brothers who have the deepest understanding of sandwiches, condiments, breads and meats. They would embarrass the shit out of any Taylor Gourmet employee. If I could get 2 grad grad degree, both would be from these guys. These are the kind of brothers who once your food is up they wanna sit and talk to you about all things delicious.

While everything on their menu is death row, last meal worthy, the Chivito is really fucked up.

Ready for this: Fillet mignon, MAYO, black and green olives, ham, bacon, a fried egg, tomatoes, melted mozzarella on freshly baked bread.

There is a giant toothpick the size of a redwood holding this thing together and you go through about 14 napkins on each half. It is the single greatest taste on earth. And then the fries and spicy mayo put it all over the edge.

My first Chivito (I have had 5 now) was a  weird Homer Simpson/Moses experience. And then I got all paranoid that since this place is open till 5am is was going to turn into a drunky graveyard line every time I wanted one. So I kept it a secret. But now I fear the opposite. I can’t keep this place in business by myself.

So there you go. Treat it well. Don’t let it turn into the Dinner. Go get a Chivito and then sign up for my pilgramige to Punta del Este.